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Oh, Happy Chinese New Year! Let’s start my (supposedly) bad-luck Goat Year with the now-mandatory Letterboxd list of my film collection~


I have a really weird history with films– born in the late 80s, you’d think I would’ve grown watching loads of 90s kids stuff, but I actually grew up with a lot of Silly Symphonies (which were released in the 30s) and loads of Disney 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s stuff, plus a lot of more grown up 80s movies. Poltergeist, The Thing, The Fly and The Stuff were particularly scary stuff (and I’m pretty sure I was scared of yogurt or white stuff at some point).

I don’t ever remember buying any original VHS tape, except for the rare birthday gift of a Disney’s Sing-Along Songs chapter or that X-Men tape I have. My first DVDs buys were Coyote Ugly, She’s All That and Loser — you can’t blame me. I was a 15-year-old girl. The collection grew bigger, and possibly exploded during my years abroad. I’m nearing my 500th movie.

I was finally doing some room cleaning, and ran into this plastic bag that had a whole bunch of the tickets of movies I caught while living/staying in Van. The results? Of course, I spent over two hours trying to make out some of the fade tickets, arranged them and put them in order of attendance.


The first movie that I caught there was Hulk at what used to be Tinseltown Cinemark. The first two columns cover my first year of studies. My maximum number of movies a month was 9 flicks in January 2004 (Cold Mountain, Big Fish, Peter Pan, 21 Grams, Along Came Polly, Monster, Butterfly Effect, The Cooler and Ginger Snaps 2), April 2004 (Hellboy, The Delicate Art of Parking, Kill Bill, Connie and Carla, Home on the Range, The Punisher, Dogville (twice) and Man on Fire), followed by July 2006 (Devil Wears PradaThe Omen,The Lake HouseThe King, PotC 2Lady in the Water, Strangers with Candy, and an unidentified movie that’s already faded) with 8 flicks.

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2011 Tops and Bottoms~

April 15, 2012 — 1 Comment

I put together my lists of Top15 Movies, Bottom15 Movies, as well as my Top15 Albums from 2011.

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Ahhh too many posters – a few highlights.

First, the poster for Burlesque beats the Teaser poster for it. Because I like Hot Pink on high contrast black and white. So I’m biased… Plus, I don’t think the trailer looks that bad.

Cher&Christina Aguilera - Burlesque Movie Poster #2

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Jena Malone by Troy Jensen

October 11, 2009 — 2 Comments

It is so rare to run across any great Jena Malone photograph, so it was a surprise to find this during the search for photos for my previous post.


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for one thing or the other~~~

We are halfway through the list of 20 Actors Between 20-25 to Watch Until They’re 30, so it’s time to stop for a minute and talk a little about the few actors… or in this case, actresses that didn’t make the list for different reasons.

You should know that I’m writing as I think of those names and reasons, so I’ve got nothing planned. Forgive the possible lack of photos, lack of other info and ramblings.

Why am I singling out “actresses” – well, mainly because I already have a few of their names right on the tip of my tongue, and like I said before… my list of guys was very limited from the get go, but don’t worry. I will also talk about guys. LOL

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it would be a boring movie about watching movies and listening to music? That’s like… SO sad.

Maybe I’d be a little experimental independent film… maybe just chronicling my life outside Peru. xD Although… that would include a lot of the above mentioned to tell you the truth. But a littlte more excitng.

But if there were a movie about my life, who would I want to play me?

Hmm… maybe Juri Ueno? x’D She’s like funny, dorky, kinda cute, but serious. She can rock the short hair too. But could she rock a Mohawk or a shaved head? Plus, she’s Asian… not Chinese, but Japanese… but close enough, non? xD

Or… maybe~~~ Bibi Chow? She rocks the short hair too, but she’s got like Chinese hair, you know? Like really really straight like my cousins~~ could she rock the curly hair? How about a Mohawk and or a shaved head? She’s also Chinese, funny, dorky and kinda cute. Eh… she’s a singer, but she’s done a bit of acting I think~

How about Yu Aoi? No, no~~ don’t laugh. LOL’ Well, she’s Asian… funny, dorky, kinda cute? I dunno if she can pull off the Mohawk though (even if she suggested getting a Mohawk on All About Lily Chou Chou), and would she pull off the shave head? But Yu Aoi’s kid photo reminded me of me… dunno, something about the quietness of the photo~~ looking to the front of the class, and being still.

Hmm.. if there was a western version of me? Well, I think everyone wants Natalie Portman to play them. xD – She rocks the shaved head~~~ She’s tiny, almost Asian-like tiny… funny, dorky, kinda cute? xD Well, just saying~~~ Hmm… how about Jena Malone? She also rocked the Mohawk last time I saw her~~ But I think she’s taller than needed be. I dunno much about her, as I always kind of see her in roles that are a bit dark, and always like a love interest of someone. I can only remember Cheaters for a starring role, so that works for me. I still remember that quote “if I catch one of my students cheating, I’d turn the little bugger in not because I think it’s wrong to cheat, but he was stupid enough to get caught.” Paraphrasing~~

So who would play you if they were to make a movie of your life?

Jena Malone fans! Jena made an appearance at the Tropic Thunder premiere (which I’ve got no intensions of watching, LOL) – But Jena made her appearance with… is that a Mohawk? Kind of… like, yeah? Kinda like what Natalie Portman had right after V for Vendetta?? Take a look yourself~~~

Jena Malone - Tropic Thunder - 2008 Jena Malone - Tropic Thunder - 2008 Jena Malone - Tropic Thunder - 2008

Anyway, when did you first spotted Jena? I think I was a kiddo when I first saw Bastard Out of Carolina, because her face was already familiar when I saw Stepmom, which was probably in 2000. Because back in the day, I didn’t use to go to the movies… so it is likely I didn’t watch her films at the movies, but on Cable~~~ OR, even on regular TV.

I saw Cheaters before I even learned about For Love of the Game (with Kevin Costner). But my favorites are still probably Cheaters, and Donnie Darko~~~ I’ve also seen Life as a House, The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys, The United States of Leland, Cold Mountain (though I saw this one for Natalie Portman! LOL), Saved!, The Ballad of Jack and Rose, Pride & Prejudice, and Into the Wild~~ Wow, I’ve seen quite the number of films… which is kinda nifty. However, I admit from all those films, I’ve only seen Saved! for Jena Malone.

I leave ya with some other photos of a younger Jena~~

Jena Malone - Stepmom Jena Malone Jena Malone Jena Malone

The Next Jodie?

April 8, 2008 — 1 Comment

MSNBC did an article of who could be the next Jodie Foster. Crazyness! LOL’ Their Top5 picks are okay, I guess… but really, the names on the poll. Don’t really dig a few of them. I mean, my respect to Emma Watson, Camilla Belle, Jena Malone, Amber Tamblyn, Clea DuVall… and etc. But Jodie is THE Jodie, LOL’ xD

Must clarify, the names mentioned above are okay… but Kristen Bell and Kristen Stewart? Pfft

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