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I was finally doing some room cleaning, and ran into this plastic bag that had a whole bunch of the tickets of movies I caught while living/staying in Van. The results? Of course, I spent over two hours trying to make out some of the fade tickets, arranged them and put them in order of attendance.


The first movie that I caught there was Hulk at what used to be Tinseltown Cinemark. The first two columns cover my first year of studies. My maximum number of movies a month was 9 flicks in January 2004 (Cold Mountain, Big Fish, Peter Pan, 21 Grams, Along Came Polly, Monster, Butterfly Effect, The Cooler and Ginger Snaps 2), April 2004 (Hellboy, The Delicate Art of Parking, Kill Bill, Connie and Carla, Home on the Range, The Punisher, Dogville (twice) and Man on Fire), followed by July 2006 (Devil Wears PradaThe Omen,The Lake HouseThe King, PotC 2Lady in the Water, Strangers with Candy, and an unidentified movie that’s already faded) with 8 flicks.

I’m sure that if I had been into Bollywood films then, I would’ve seen a couple of them there too.

Looking at these tickets, it wasn’t only remembering the movies, but the people I went with- the things I had to do to watch them (skip the last bit of class to catch the first show of one, skip a Saturday class for another), the times I got asked for an ID for a PG14 show LOL, cars that were taken away because we were too many in a car, etc.

So as a memory exercise, here we go~

  1. Jul 25th ’03 – 28 Days Later – With the whole bunch. Got a picture of most of us walking.
  2. Jul 20th – Whale Rider – First Van lone movie experience after school.
  3. Aug 1st – Bend it like Beckham – Another after school movie going, and I guess first sorta Bollywood movie xD
  4. Aug 8th – American Wedding – My memory’s blocked this, and you can’t hold me responsible.
  5. Aug 14th – Freaky Friday – Another after school one.
  6. Aug 16th – Finding Nemo – Finally caught Finding Nemo after a theater mishap where I ended up watching Pirates of the Caribbean, though the ticket said Finding Nemo.
  7. Aug 29th – Thirteen – I was running through my Evan Rachel Wood phase and I rushed to the theater over the weekend for it.
  8. *Oct 11th – Kill Bill – If JK remembers, we had a rescheduled acting class (the final exam, nonetheless) and the whole bunch of us skipped it to watch this. It’s a famous one [1].
  9. Oct 12th – Casa de los Babys – I think it was usual for me to not want to spend the weekend in the suburbs. As Lima is so busy, I needed some of the noise of downtown Van. LOL
  10. Oct 25th – Mambo Italiano – I really began loving Early Bird shows then.
  11. Oct 25th – Scary Movie 3 – See, but you can’t hold me responsible for this either.
  12. Oct 28th – Mystic River – This one in pretty blank, we probably watched it with the bunch ;P
  13. Oct 31st – The Human Stain – Early after school. This was the first time I had a Kidman movie readily available to watch, as I got asked for a piece of ID because the movie was rated 14. I never regretted paying student or minor for bus passes either.
  14. Nov 2nd – Brother Bear – another lonesome Sunday in downtown, though I must’ve moved there by then.
  15. Nov 5th – Matrix Revolutions – This one’s a blank too. xD But don’t blame me, Revolutions is also muddled with Reloaded.
  16. Nov 8th – Elf – Remember K was disappointed with it, the whole gang was there.
  17. Nov 21st – Love Actually – E asked about it afterwards and went rushing. xD Faintly remember there was a fire scare in the building, but could have been another time. 65% sure.
  18. Nov 27th – The Missing – The whole gang there. We’re a boring bunch of people. xD
  19. Nov 28th – Shattered Glass – Early bird after school really was my fave thing to do.
  20. Dec 3rd – Bad Santa – K compared this to Elf because both are holiday-ish movies~
  21. Dec 5th – The Last Samurai – First time seeing Koyuki on screen, I guess! Ditto for Hiroyuki Sanada.
  22. Dec 13th – In America – Early bird show interrupted by a fake fire alarm that nobody wanted to pay attention to because we were too into the movie. We got a free double pass for the interruption, but we probably could’ve totally died… for a movie. xD
  23. Dec 17th – Lord of the Rings 3 – The whole bunch there, including R. Saw hobbits, elves and wizards lining up, and got off my seat a bunch of times for the many times I thought the movie was going to be over with the fades to black.
  24. Dec 19th – Mona Lisa Smile – Another early bird show because it was a free Friday. xD
  25. Dec 19th – Calendar Girls – it was a full estrogen day. LOL And that’s why Early Bird shows are so good.

There was a short holiday flight trip here~~~ returning to catch:

  1. Jan 6th ’04 – Cold Mountain – Because I was in my Natalie Portman phase there. Plus, Kidman. I rushed to watch it.
  2. Jan 8th – Big Fish – I also rushed to watch this.
  3. Jan 11th – Peter Pan – and this.
  4. Jan 13th – 21 Grams – The whole gang went to watch this, including R – thought I believe JK fell asleep xD
  5. Jan 16th – Along Came Polly – Alone and you can’t hold me responsible.
  6. Jan 20th – Monster – First time in Fifth Avenue, I think. K bought the tickets coz there was no parking. The whole gang went, including I.
  7. Jan 23rd – Butterfly Effect – The whole gang went, sadly, coz we didn’t know any better! LOL
  8. Jan 30th – The Cooler – Whole gang went, to later…
  9. Jan 30th – Ginger Snaps 2 – K dragged us all. Never regretted.
  10. Feb 6th – Triplets of Belleville – Whole gang went, including I and AL… and maybe even AK and J. I think this may have been the day that we were too many in the car, and we got pulled over by the police. AL got a ticket, but his license had lost its points, so he couldn’t keep the car. Sighs.
  11. Feb 13th – 50 First Dates – This was an early show that lead me to…
  12. Feb 13th – The Corporation – I know, odd mix of films, but after these two, I launched my first blog [1][2] with movie talk.
  13. Feb 26th – The Passion of the Christ – The whole gang (including I) and E cried, and the rest of us made fun of LOL.
  14. Mar 5th – Osama – Lonesome watch. I barely remember this movie. I was irked coz she got found out after getting her period. Eye roll~
  15. Mar 5th – Broken Lizard’s Club Dread – Group watch coz apparently everyone else was a fan of Super Troopers.
  16. Mar 12th – Secret Window -Total blank. Probably JK fell asleep xD
  17. Mar 20th – Goodbye Lenin – OMG, this is the first time EVER that I saw Chulpan Khamatova. xD A Fifth Avenue watch could’ve been done with JK or K.
  18. Mar 26th – Jersey Girl – a lonesome watch coz nobody liked Bennifer.
  19. Apr 2nd – Hellboy – The whole gang, especially K.
  20. Apr 3rd – The Delicate Art of Parking – the gang to support Canadian movies xD
  21. Apr 16th – Kill Bill 2 – Watched this one without skipping class. Felt no guilt, therefore enjoyed less.
  22. Apr 16th – Connie and Carla – Washed the enjoyment with a guilt-free- pleasure. Some dude said he was in the movie. I think I know which dude he was.
  23. Apr 22nd – Home on the Range – Disney duped me into thinking their animation department was closing.
  24. Apr 22nd – The Punisher – Tried to wash it out with this.
  25. Apr 23rd – Dogville – Lars Von Trier with Nicole Kidman. I didn’t need swaying for a lonesome watch.
  26. Apr 26th – Dogville – Oh, yes I did. Swayed the whole gang to watch it. I’ve made up for all my past movie mistakes with that one.
  27. Apr 28th – Man on Fire – Blank on this one. Marc Anthony is in it! LOL
  28. May 1st – Mean Girls – Lonesome watch, and the last time I’m at the theater for a Lohan movie. Thank gods, Rachel McAdams.
  29. May 7th – Van Helsing – The whole gang, we’re ashamed. For some reason, my mom keeps re-watching it whenever it’s on TV.
  30. May 8th – I’m Not Scared – Well, an Italian movie that I can barely remember. xD Lonesome watch.
  31. May 14th – Troy – The movie that made me hate Diane Kruger (and Orlando Bloom) with a passion. The whole gang was there.
  32. May 20th – Shrek 2 – Whole gang was there.
  33. May 22nd – Super-size Me – Grossest movie that made us crave for McDonalds, so we ended up there. It’s been a few years since I last had one, because after it, I felt sick only after half of it.
  34. May 28th – The Day After Tomorrow – The whole gang was there, and the movie has a Inca question.
  35. *Jun 4th – Harry Potter 3 – Ah, the most famous one. [1] Life drawing class wasn’t over yet, but a whole bunch of us got up, dropped our pads. The teacher asked where we were going, and we said “to the movies.” School was never the same after that, but it was our last few weeks in there anyway.
  36. Jun 9th – Love Me If You Dare – The whole gang was there, and even J because he said “that’s the chick from Taxi.” Of course, this was the moment my affair with Marion Cotillard began.
  37. Jun 11th – Saved – My memory is blank on this one too, though it must be a lone watch coz I don’t think anyone cared for Jena Malone and Jesus. xD
  38. Jun 12th – The Stepford Wives – Lone watch. I really don’t regret it. It seems I watched a lot of Kidman movies during my stay.
  39. Jun 18th – The Terminal – This must’ve been a group watch coz everyone worships Spielberg.
  40. Jun 21st – Carandiru – Group watch, including K, R and maybe AL. It was a really late show, and we rushed to the theater to catch it.
  41. Jun 25th – Fahrenheit 9/11 – This one was my last Van film of 2004 as I left that same night. I later watched the film with a Peruvian crowd, and it was a completely different experience.

I watched a WHOLE bunch of movies on that half of 2004… but there’s more~

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