If they were to make a movie of my life…

February 10, 2009 — 2 Comments

it would be a boring movie about watching movies and listening to music? That’s like… SO sad.

Maybe I’d be a little experimental independent film… maybe just chronicling my life outside Peru. xD Although… that would include a lot of the above mentioned to tell you the truth. But a littlte more excitng.

But if there were a movie about my life, who would I want to play me?

Hmm… maybe Juri Ueno? x’D She’s like funny, dorky, kinda cute, but serious. She can rock the short hair too. But could she rock a Mohawk or a shaved head? Plus, she’s Asian… not Chinese, but Japanese… but close enough, non? xD

Or… maybe~~~ Bibi Chow? She rocks the short hair too, but she’s got like Chinese hair, you know? Like really really straight like my cousins~~ could she rock the curly hair? How about a Mohawk and or a shaved head? She’s also Chinese, funny, dorky and kinda cute. Eh… she’s a singer, but she’s done a bit of acting I think~

How about Yu Aoi? No, no~~ don’t laugh. LOL’ Well, she’s Asian… funny, dorky, kinda cute? I dunno if she can pull off the Mohawk though (even if she suggested getting a Mohawk on All About Lily Chou Chou), and would she pull off the shave head? But Yu Aoi’s kid photo reminded me of me… dunno, something about the quietness of the photo~~ looking to the front of the class, and being still.

Hmm.. if there was a western version of me? Well, I think everyone wants Natalie Portman to play them. xD – She rocks the shaved head~~~ She’s tiny, almost Asian-like tiny… funny, dorky, kinda cute? xD Well, just saying~~~ Hmm… how about Jena Malone? She also rocked the Mohawk last time I saw her~~ But I think she’s taller than needed be. I dunno much about her, as I always kind of see her in roles that are a bit dark, and always like a love interest of someone. I can only remember Cheaters for a starring role, so that works for me. I still remember that quote “if I catch one of my students cheating, I’d turn the little bugger in not because I think it’s wrong to cheat, but he was stupid enough to get caught.” Paraphrasing~~

So who would play you if they were to make a movie of your life?

2 responses to If they were to make a movie of my life…

  1. Are u having some kind of 23-year-old-crisis?
    Too answer your question, shit my life would be a great movie! Lonely child, sick family ties, over-achiever that later joined the army, travelled the world, joined uni, went into a depression/suicidal, the way back through pills and therapy, the hard way into finding one-self again and lastly the happy reunion with the parents…Yeah it could be very good.
    But to play me…hmmm Marion perhaps? haha No it needs to be a latina that is just a bit cute but with a great charisma and a sexy vibe.

  2. lol, no crisis~

    I read this somewhere online, about someone who wanted Natalie Portman to play her if they ever made a movie about her. xD

    Actually, this post is very active on my Facebook note. x’D

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