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I was finally doing some room cleaning, and ran into this plastic bag that had a whole bunch of the tickets of movies I caught while living/staying in Van. The results? Of course, I spent over two hours trying to make out some of the fade tickets, arranged them and put them in order of attendance.


The first movie that I caught there was Hulk at what used to be Tinseltown Cinemark. The first two columns cover my first year of studies. My maximum number of movies a month was 9 flicks in January 2004 (Cold Mountain, Big Fish, Peter Pan, 21 Grams, Along Came Polly, Monster, Butterfly Effect, The Cooler and Ginger Snaps 2), April 2004 (Hellboy, The Delicate Art of Parking, Kill Bill, Connie and Carla, Home on the Range, The Punisher, Dogville (twice) and Man on Fire), followed by July 2006 (Devil Wears PradaThe Omen,The Lake HouseThe King, PotC 2Lady in the Water, Strangers with Candy, and an unidentified movie that’s already faded) with 8 flicks.

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Ahh… I hope I can finish this post in less than 30min. LOL Or sure I’ll be whining with the people at Anomalous Material for posting so many Memes xD

But we’re lazy, so we’re doing a 31-day Meme into one post. Just like we did on the TV Meme… only with more pictures! Because I think that TV Meme needs photos, right?

1. A Sequel that Shouldn’t Have Been Made

You know there should be something wrong when all the sequels went straight to DVD. That’s a sad sad ending for a good cheesy film like Bring it On. The sequels bring so much shame when mentioning Bring it On, which by the way had Kirsten Dunst and Eliza Dushku… and Gabrielle Union. And cheers. I said Brrrr it’s cold in here! There must be some Clovers in the atmosphere~~~ LOL a perfect introduction to setup what the cheese will be about, and a more poppy-end-of-the 90s-rendition of Hey, Mickey!

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Jurassic Park Poster


Jurassic Park made a huge impact on me. Mainly because I saw it as a kid, and was amazed after the theaters that 1. I had a nightmare with a T-Rex… or more specifically, the eye of the T-Rex. LOL and 2. I wanted to be a paleontologist for at least 3 years of my life. Because of Jurassic Park and those scary Velociraptors I went to see Jurassic Park II three times at the theater – hahahaha.

But come on, you can’t hold that against me. After all, I also watched Jumanji twice at the theaters.

I think those were some of the factors that made me want to get into 3D and Special Effects – You know, since I was also blown away by Michael Jackson music videos xD. I think it was that first scene in which you see the Brachiosaurus coming out of the lake with the amazing John Williams piece. It’s just magical, almost like you were actually in the film because they saw something that didn’t exist right there, and we saw something on screen that was never before~~~

Of course, now I know very little about dinosaurs because I’ve forgotten everything that I studied. I only faintly remember about Sauropods because I did my presentation on them when I was like 10 years old. So it all is just a faint reminder that I once was a Dino-kid xD

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Hmm, it’s been half a year almost since my last talk on Films that Changed your Life Forever~~~ I took a while, because I couldn’t pick a film… and I wanted to pick one that had some significance. This is why I picked Whale Rider! I even kept the ticket!!!

Whale Rider - Tinseltown ticket

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It’s been a LONG time since my last talk about films that marked my life, and after much thinking and procrastination I thought Karate Kid should be next. Why?

Karate Kid Amy

So simple! LOL’ I was a huge HUGE fan of Karate Kid, but the best part of the film for me wasn’t Daniel-san, even though I did the “Crane Kick” many times playing in the garden and in my room… no, the best part of Karate Kid was Mr. Miyagi.

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