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New Google Translate Features

February 15, 2011 — 6 Comments

Listening and watching… and trying to keep up with Asian entertainment means that I use Google Translate often. This is why I think these are new features. I knew Google Translate could read out loud English… and German, but this is the first time that I’m aware it can read Japanese, Mandarin and Korean too.

Of course I chose BiBi’s Just to Meet You song to test, because that’s one of the songs that I butcher whenever it plays on my iPod. And it not only “translates,” but now you can also read it phonetically…

and you can listen to it read it out loud. O_O

Three very important things about this:

1. This is amazing… if you’re starting out a language.

2. A lot of sites that dedicate themselves to pinyin, romaji and Korean romanization just got their work cut down… or have some serious competition. With this, anyone can post lyrics…

3. This just made a whole new generation of lazy.

Ohisashiburi desu. Like… really.

皆様 お久しぶりです。 アオイユウです。

暖かくなったり 雪が降ったり

体調など 崩されていませんか。

先日 私も出演させていただいている映画

観てくださった方 ありがとうございます。

皆様くれぐれも お身体ご自愛ください。


2010.2 アオイユウ

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Only like 6 days, in fact!

Here’s some more info~~~

Episode 1 – GITA~ KE~SU no Onna (Her Guitar Case)
Episode 2 – HOPE
Episode 3 – Tonari no Tonari no Akira (Akira, the neighbor of the neighbor? LOL)
Episode 4 – Tabi no Aida (Traveling Time)
Episode 5 – Aru Asa, Hinata wa Totsuzen ni (One Morning, Suddenly Sunny? xD)

And Juri singing the closing theme! which she also wrote xD LOL

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Ever since I began visiting, if calculations aren’t all that bad… in 2001 – well, I had been an avid Portmaniac~~~ – I actually look forward to Portmania due to Sanjiro’s crazy ramblings. Why? Well, nothing beats his ramblings on Charlie the NatDog *RIP* ~~~ But it’s always fun to read his Natalie Portman Facts and read his warnings.

First thing is first.

this PORTMANIA we are going to Celebrate Natalie’s Favorite things. and the first on this long list (hopefully as high as a week’s worth) is….


and no one better represents the DOG than…


So Happy Bday, Natalie! xD – or you know, if the rumors of you speaking a bit of Japanese are true~~~ o-tanjoubi omedetto gozaimasu!!!

And happy bday to Johnny too. xD