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Aha… Guinness World Record and commercials.

This time you’ll see a girl escaping the impending un-threading of her world.

Okay, I really must admit posting directly to Twitter is easier and faster. I decided there are some things I must post twice… or maybe more, and Bjork is one of them.

I met Moomins on my trip to Sweden! Those hippo-looking like creatures, my cousin said “they’re Moomins!” – Oh, how lucky little kids are in Scandinavia to grow up with a children song (?) from Bjork. xD Did I tell you all my niece used to only sing Los Pollitos Dicen? She was like Marylin singing Los Pollitos Dicen. xD

Anyway… this song is for the Moomins movie xD There’s going to be a Moomins movie!!!

Is it wrong that a 1944 short brings back memories of childhood to me?

From my group of friends, I think I’m the only one that grew up with old Disney shorts, and sometimes I talk about them with a whole bunch of my friends wondering what I’m talking about.

Did any of you grow up watching this short? How old are you? xD

Maybe I’m not the only 20-something.

RIP Satoshi Kon

August 24, 2010 — 7 Comments

Another great one has gone.

Animated film director Satoshi Kon passed away from a heart attack. His animated gems included Perfect Blue, Tokyo Godfathers and Paprika. That alone with the news of Studio Ghibli wanting to close down doors, is just right down depressing.


The Happy 101 Award

August 7, 2010 — 2 Comments

Anomalous Material just posted a Meme about 10 Things that Bring You Joy.

But before we start with mine… let me just say… “Forehead Titaes!” *giggles*

Okay, moving on… what are some of the things that bring me joy?

1. The sight of chocolate

Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie

In any shape or form. It doesn’t matter how pissy or how gloom I may be, I see chocolate and suddenly the world seems a better place. And forget about having a taste of the chocolate-y goodness.

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