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I haven’t actively looked for Yu Aoi fan-made videos in a long time, but here we go~ I hope this one doesn’t get deleted, coz we’ve been suffering from that a lot lately. Regular Yu Aoi film footage applies, with nice additions of Tamatama, and Otouto… though, Raiou would have been nice to have.

Bring it!

Who does it better?

Mirume/En-chan? or Domoto/En-chan?

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Acerk made a great find last night, in case none of you had seen it. It’s a Making-of clip of Don’t Laugh at my Romance. The clip includes a Table Reading, which is the session where the cast, director, writers and producers (or other members of the crew) sit around a table to read the script out loud.

There’s also a brief Yoga session, which reminded me of my acting classes.

And Shugo and Yu are so funny.


A regular person would have 8 or 9 films, on this video you’ll get to see clips for 27 films (though a few of those are just blink and miss them, or just a still). I’ve seen most but 6 films, I think. I’m still looking for 1980, and JUKAI.

Plus, this is the best way to choose what Yu film you wanna watch~ xD

[iframe src=”” width=”480″ height=”400″]

check post tags for movie info. some missing because they’re not on this blog.
by the way, Ikechan looks sooooo weird. I wonder if the movie is any good.

Let’s Pimp some Shugo~

September 11, 2009 — 1 Comment

Shugo Oshinari is freaking 28 years old! WTF, man!
He’s almost 30, looks in his early 20s still and totally lacks fangirls.
And I mean like “good” fangirls the ones who work hard
to get whatever scans, whatever movie, and work on whatever needs subbing. LOL
You can’t really find many good scans, screencaps…
etc, etc… everything fandoms love to fuzz about.

Shugo Oshinari

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