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Another one for Black Swan O+O

OMG, Natalie Portman news – still SHOCKING. xD

Amazing Oscar timing.

Also… YAY! Kim Hye-ja for Best Actress in Madeo/Mother again!

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Couldn’t resist to use this image as the main film here xD

Can’t help myself, and I haven’t even seen The Tourist. Look, I love movie stars… I’m sure I’m going to go “oh, it isn’t THAT bad” but I can even say when things should be awarded or not. xD But then again… ratings~

I’m just glad Timberlake wasn’t nominated in anything.

And since we’re speaking about out of their league: Lea Michelle for Glee is completely out of her league in her category against Toni Collette, Edie Falco, Tina Fey and Laura Linney. Look, I love Glee – don’t really watch 30 Rock, didn’t warm up to Laura Linney in The Big C, don’t like Edie Falco’s Nurse Jackie character, didn’t completely loved Season 2 of United States of Tara – but Lea Michelle is out of her league. xD

Toni Collette FTW!

Because the list is oh so long, just posting film…

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Forgive the late post. xD

Black Swan leads the Broadcast Film Critics nominations with 12 nods, including Best Film, Director, Actress, and Supporting Actress. In the newcomer award, Chloe “Hit Girl” Moretz earns two nods for Kick-Ass, as well as Let Me In… which could pretty much suck because that would mean her votes split… or she could win for Kick-Ass, just because Hit Girl is awesome.

Why couldn’t they nominate her once for both like they do in Japan?

Cool stuff from these nominations? Some love for I Love You Philip Morris! And nomination for Jennifer Lawrence for Winter’s Bone in Best Actress and Young Actor/Actress, that’s going against Hailee Steinfeld for True Grit in Supporting Actress and Young Actor/Actress – it’s on!

Sucky about this? There’s no consistency in nominees… you’ve got categories with only 3 nominations — they’d better have nominated Madeo (Mother) last year, or I’m calling foul.

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I’m never really good with Satellite Awards, I always forget them. But then again, there’s so many Satellite nominees per category… it seems a bit excessive. It’s like chucking all the best performances of the year, instead of choosing five spots even if three good performances will be left out.

And when there’s not enough good performances… they just fill the category up!

Inception is leading this one ;P

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You’ve named them… some of you voted multiple times, I know. And some of you only voted for one actress instead of one actor and one actress. But the votes are in. And winning, with a boost from the running of Inception on theaters, with 23% of the votes is none other than dear Joseph Gordon Levitt. Despite leading the poll at the beginning, Natalie Portman ended up with 19% of the votes with a late boost from the screenings from Black Swan… but I guess the people that saw Black Swan don’t visit the site, thus that didn’t translate into votes.

Your Favorite Top20 to Watch Between 25-30

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A Scene in the Rain

August 22, 2010 — 7 Comments

Anomalous Material has posted this for the Encore Entertainment blogathon.

So here’s mine. Hopefully they’re not THAT common. Of course, you might be waiting for me to pick the Kiss in the Rain from The Notebook with sizzling Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams, or the Kiss in the Summer Rain from Cinema Paradiso… because even though I don’t appear to be, I’m a sucker for romance.

And tonight, I’m in the mood for some romance, so… I’ll pick, the Dare scene under the rain of Jeux d’Enfants, who by the way also made it to my list of Best Kisses, why? Because it’s got Marion, and for some reason I find that movie overly romantic in a very twisted way. LOL

Watch the scene on YouTube. Of course, spoilers.

What do I like about that scene? Maybe it’s how their twisted relationship is build up to that point where they finally realize they are meant to be after all the sick stuff they made each other do. Then you’ve got Sophie arriving after realizing that Julien isn’t really dead, and him realizing the lie he just told. Their respective partners being completely ignored because nothing else matters, and Julien singing La Vie en Rose out of tune.

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And it’s time to finally complete the list of the 20 to Watch Between 25-30 Until They’re 35! And somehow I feel like this is a total lackluster surprise, since you know… I love Gosling.

Gosling: You got me, Amy~~~ *hands up in the air* LOL

Born in London, Ontario, Canada on November 12th 1980, this 29-year-old actor is best known for playing Noah on the Nicholas Sparks’ tear-jerker romance movie The Notebook. He was also nominated for an Oscar for starring as Dan Dunne on the film Half Nelson.

Gosling began his career on the small screen, guest-starring on youth-oriented Canadian television programs such as Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Ready or Not, Goosebumps, and The Adventures of Shirley Holmes. Two years later, he was starring on his very own show as Hercules on Young Hercules.

In 2000, he participated on Remember the Titans starring Denzel Washington, but he soon moved to starring roles with The Believer, which earned him his first nomination at the Indie Spirit Awards, a Best Foreign Actor by the Russian Film Critics Guild, and a Most Promising Performer by the Chicago Film Critics. The following year, Gosling also co-starred with Michael Pitt and Ben Chaplin on Sandra Bullock’s Murder by Numbers. Incidentally, the making of the film ignited a romance with Bullock… which is, you know – pretty Hollywood.

In 2003, Ryan starred as Leland on The United States of Leland alongside Don Cheadle, Lena Olin, Kevin Spacey, fellow the 20 to Watch Michelle Williams, and fellow who didn’t make it Jena Malone. It was just a short time before he burst into the pop culture scene as Noah on The Notebook with then-real-life girlfriend, Rachel McAdams.

Instead of going the commercial route, Gosling kept away from romantic leads, and participated on Stay by Marc Foster, who had previously directed Monster’s Ball (which won Halle Berry her Oscar), and Finding Neverland (which earned Johnny Depp his 2nd Oscar nod). Stay also starred Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts. In 2006, Gosling starred on the indie film Half Nelson, for which he won Best Male Lead at the Indie Spirits Award, and a Male Breakthrough Performance by the National Board of Review, and earned him his first Oscar and Screen Actors Guild nominations, plus a bunch of other critics and film fest awards.

A year later, in 2007, Gosling share the big screen with Sir Anthony Hopkins on Fracture, and participated on the indie Lars and the Real Girl alongside Emily Mortimer, and Patricia Clarkson. The role earned Gosling his first Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor in a Comedy/Musical, as well as a 2nd nomination for Best Actor at the Screen Actors Guild. After that, Gosling took a break from acting to release music with the band Dead Man’s Bones. The band released two singles — with their respective music videos — a self-titled debut album, and toured North America.

Earlier in the year, Gosling released Blue Valentine starring alongside Michelle Williams, fresh off Sundance buzz with very positive early reviews.

Coming up? Well, Blue Valentine still needs to open wider or be released on DVD. There’s also All Good Things with Kirsten Dunst, Kristen Wiig, and Frank Langella, as well as that Glenn Ficarra (I Love You Philip Morris) film with Steve Carrell, Marisa Tomei, Emma Stone, Julianne Moore, and Kevin Bacon.

Yes, we can’t wait to see him making breakfast while singing Springsteen’s I’m on Fire… without his shirt. Also, I am dying to see Blue Valentine. Yes, talent is so hot~

I’m starting out my list this week… with lack of visitor’s response.

No complaining from you then~~~

I’m gonna start out with 5 of the guys, followed by 5 of the girls like last time. Only properly.

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Awards Daily’s poll is currently going on.

I’m giddy to find out my Top 4 films of 2010 are in the Top10 xD though that could change. Of course, I’m giddy about Inception… why? Nolan + DiCaprio + Marion Cotillard + Ellen Page + Ken Watanabe + Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Hi, there. I’m already there.

Black Swan? Aronofsky + Natalie Portman? I’m sold with that.

The Kids Are All Right? Julianne Moore, Annette Bening, Mark Ruffalo and Mia Wasikowska?

Blue Valentine? Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams~ Are you kidding?

You can vote for your fave here.

The other films I’m looking forward this 2010?

Hesher, Rabbit Hole, The Killer Inside Me, Norwegian Wood, and Contracorriente (Undertow).

… and Seth Rogen.
I mean, really… Seth Rogen? Okay…

After the success that was Away from Her in 2007-2008, Sarah Polley is ready to get back to the director’s chair… this time around with a romantic comedy titled Take this Waltz. Polley wrote the script while editing Away from Her, and decided to finally finish it up.

The film, about a love triangle in which Michelle Williams’ character struggles with infidelity will have her starring opposite Seth Rogen and another man, yet to be cast.

via EW

Can I suggest Ryan Gosling? xD

Because you want to see Blue Valentine, right?