Your 20 to Watch Between 25-30 Picks!

September 19, 2010 — 2 Comments

You’ve named them… some of you voted multiple times, I know. And some of you only voted for one actress instead of one actor and one actress. But the votes are in. And winning, with a boost from the running of Inception on theaters, with 23% of the votes is none other than dear Joseph Gordon Levitt. Despite leading the poll at the beginning, Natalie Portman ended up with 19% of the votes with a late boost from the screenings from Black Swan… but I guess the people that saw Black Swan don’t visit the site, thus that didn’t translate into votes.

Your Favorite Top20 to Watch Between 25-30

No. 2 / 12% and 11%

No. 3 / 10%

No. 4 / 9% and 7%

No. 5 / 7%

Not counting most of the WTF! Where is…? votes because almost no one suggested names.

Funny thing was your Top Actors work on Hesher. Your #3s worked on Becoming Jane, #4 are the only Asians – represent! xD – and your #5s were on Brokeback Mountain. We just need to make Blunt and Gosling to collaborate in some project together, and we’re set.

Now the question is… what’s gonna be of the poll? Check out the newest question on the side.

2 responses to Your 20 to Watch Between 25-30 Picks!

  1. I approve of this results!

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