A Scene in the Rain

August 22, 2010 — 7 Comments

Anomalous Material has posted this for the Encore Entertainment blogathon.

So here’s mine. Hopefully they’re not THAT common. Of course, you might be waiting for me to pick the Kiss in the Rain from The Notebook with sizzling Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams, or the Kiss in the Summer Rain from Cinema Paradiso… because even though I don’t appear to be, I’m a sucker for romance.

And tonight, I’m in the mood for some romance, so… I’ll pick, the Dare scene under the rain of Jeux d’Enfants, who by the way also made it to my list of Best Kisses, why? Because it’s got Marion, and for some reason I find that movie overly romantic in a very twisted way. LOL

Watch the scene on YouTube. Of course, spoilers.

What do I like about that scene? Maybe it’s how their twisted relationship is build up to that point where they finally realize they are meant to be after all the sick stuff they made each other do. Then you’ve got Sophie arriving after realizing that Julien isn’t really dead, and him realizing the lie he just told. Their respective partners being completely ignored because nothing else matters, and Julien singing La Vie en Rose out of tune.

Then, this is totally random.

Hana & Alice, and Alice’s stress relief method. I happen to have fallen slowly in love with the soundtrack, and the visuals of the film… so looking at scenes from it just relaxes me for some reason. In the scene after this rain dance, everything is about to fall apart as Hana (Anne Suzuki) realizes that her pretend boyfriend has been dating — and has started to like — her best friend Alice (Yu Aoi). Plus, the guy shows up realizing the two know each other.

BAM! This has turned into a Top5 Scenes in the Rain xD~~~

non-specific order~

– Tonari no Totoro – Totoro in the Rain Waiting for the Bus

– Jurassic Park – T-Rex Escapes and Attacks the Car.

Jurassic Park is one of my Top10 films for sentimental reasons. And even though the little girl, argh! I wanted to kill her for turning on the flashlight xD Gosh, that scene. And the eye! Focusing when the light hit it, it gave me nightmares as a little kid.

– Pleasantville – It’s Just Rain [Watch at 3:50 on YouTube]

The first time I saw Pleasantville, I was in awe. Mind you, I did believe that the world was black & white when I was a little kid, and that color began appearing as the years and decades passed. Oh silly little me.

7 responses to A Scene in the Rain

  1. That T-rex scene is insanely good!

  2. thanks for stopping by ;P

  3. love the Jurassic Park scene

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