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Who made it and who didn’t? I was surprised myself. LOL Don’t forget to comment and share ;)

Best of the Foreign 2000s

January 24, 2014


I also made a [nomination] list of all my favorite foreign things of the last decade. If I had included all movies, general suspects would have applied (eg. Children of Men, Dancer in the Dark), but still remains a very ME list. I hope you like the selection, and don’t hesitate in suggesting films to watch.

Check all nominees and comment here.

Has people ever ask you what’s your type? In terms of the people that you like, and you really have no idea because you’ve never really talked about.  I wondered if I could see a pattern in the people I like on-screen, so I made a list of women and men — 25 picks each — and placed generally okay photos of them to see if I could see any characteristics they shared.

A few rules- it has to be people that you follow — not randoms that you just find hot. Sofia Vergara is hot but I haven’t seen her outside Modern Family or Chasing Papi. And it also isn’t about talent… completely. It’s people that you would somehow, if given the chance, do / be with / however you want to call it or do is.

Also, photos should generally be color and looking to the front-ish. Natural looks favored, but since it’s a type thing, I suppose you can use any photos you find your subject attractive in.

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I’ve got some pretty nice recommendations to share.


Well, it’s been a long time, hasn’t it?

Forgive the delay on the countdown, and I certainly hope that this sudden interruption didn’t cause any screw-ups on the next few inclusions (like it did with #6 on my actors list). Anyway, continuing with our 20 to Watch between the ages of 25-30, there’s no other than… another French actor! Louis Garrel~

Born in Paris, France, on June 14th 1983, this 26-year-old actor shot to fame next to his the 20 to Watch fellow co-star Eva Green on Bertolucci’s The Dreamers, and with less than 10 years acting, he’s become one of France’s most promising new generation actors.

Son of Philippe Garrel (director) and Brigitte Sy (actress), grandson of Maurice Garrel (actor) and godchild of Jean-Pierre Leaud (actor)… it seems like Louis Garrel’s got acting running through his veins. No wonder he made his screen debut when he was only 6. However, it wasn’t until he was of legal age (around 18 years) when he made his 2nd film.

After his big break with Bertolucci, Garrel starred on Ma Mère (My Mother) alongside Isabelle Huppert, and directed by Christophe Honoré, who would direct him in several other films. He followed that up with Les Amants Réguliers (Regular Lovers) directed by his father, featuring his grandfather in a supporting role, and sharing the screen with Clotilde Hesme, who would eventually play opposite him on Les Chansons d’Amour with fellow the 20 to Watch Ludivine Sagnier. Regular Lovers would eventually earn him the Most Promising Actor at César Awards, and the Best Male Newcomer at the Étoiles d’Or.

He continued his collaborations with Honoré on the film Dans Paris (In Paris), and Les Chansons d’Amour (Love Songs), which is possibly Garrel’s 2nd most popular film after The Dreamers, La Belle Personne (The Beautiful Person), and Non ma Fille, Tu n’Iras pas Danser (Making Plans for Lena). He followed that up with work with François Ozon on Un Lever de Rideau (A Curtain Raiser), and Actrices (Actresses) directed by Valeria Bruni Tedeschi — whom he seems to currently date.

What’s in store for the future for Garrel? To be honest, it’s a mystery to me. The only thing I got to find out is that he’s worked on  a short film titled Petit Tailleur, where he takes the role of screenwriter and director. As far as acting gigs? Nothing seems to be on the horizon at the moment, but that’s no excuse to keep an eye on him… Right?

I’m starting out my list this week… with lack of visitor’s response.

No complaining from you then~~~

I’m gonna start out with 5 of the guys, followed by 5 of the girls like last time. Only properly.

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As always, I think I’m a little off with the guys. O.o
I feel the list is a bit uninspiring, LOL

check it out yourself~~~

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All the way back in September, I made a small list of some of my favorite actresses that people didn’t have idea who they were. But I don’t seem to have the same knack for spotting unknown names for male actors… funny, eh? I just realized this when making this list. Since most of the names are probably known, will post them from the ones I think are less known to the most known. And notice? No TV stars that I can recall~ WEIRD.

How could I forget him??? Just added him on the first spot of actors that you probably don’t know.

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Okay, just saw the film and have been trying to find the lyrics, but no such luck for me. Help?

  1. De Bonnes Raisons
  2. Inventaire
  3. La Bastille
  4. Je n’aime que Toi
  5. Brooklyn Bridge
  6. Delta Charlie Delta
  7. Il Faut se Taire
  8. As-tu Déjà Aimé?
  9. Les Yeux au Ciel
  10. La Distance
  11. Ma Mémoire Sale
  12. Au Parc
  13. Si Tard
  14. J’ai Cru Entendre

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