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I told you there were a few posts…

Anyway, did any of you watched Ryomaden last season? I did try to watch it at the beginning but wasn’t that into it, so it was really troublesome to gather the energy to find a subtitled version of it. Plus, there weren’t any small files, and I didn’t feel like download HD versions.

So I watched on TV with no subs.

Until the very last episode that Yu was on… and then till the very last of the year.

I remember that when I saw the preview of episode 44 with Yu’s character Omoto saying goodbye, I thought to myself — well, what bad number of episode to leave the show xD and it ended up being her 13th guest appearance — pretty sure about that.

Anyway, for those who didn’t watch the show — Yu played Omoto, a geisha who’s a closeted Christian (oh, the irony!). She plays the shamisen, does some traditional dancing and performing, and has some non-explored sexual tension with Ryoma. She was good in it, but I understand that Taiga dramas are a long-term commitment.

Here’s the capture of the interview with photos for those of you who won’t touch a Taiga with a stick xD

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As you probably know… or didn’t – Yu’s latest play with Satoshi Tsumabuki, Minami he, opened in Tokyo… had some dates postponed (at least) due to the Earthquake, and I think it’s safe to say that it’s done with its running.

There were interesting thoughts on it – hint: only read one review, which you can check by going through the Minami tag – and I ran into this poster for it, which is the closest some of us got to this play xD

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Hmm, I had planned a batch of Yu Aoi related posts that meant something, but I couldn’t find the photographer’s name for this photoshoot. And I even tried different ways… like her name + journal standard + photographer in English and Japanese, and ended up in Chinese websites xD

Did I tell you that my last Chinese lesson was professions? LOL

Anyway, this special project was a collaboration between Journal Standard and Yu Aoi for last December.

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Since the first time we talked about what people said about Yu-chan on twitter brought out toshii9245 out of lurking, I thought I would keep on posting other fun tweets about Yu ;D

Let’s start off with this fan-made trailer of Center of the Universe, starring Shugo Oshinari and Yu Aoi~

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Yu Aoi Twitter

March 15, 2011 — 5 Comments

At the moment of this post, there’s no link to a Yu Aoi Twitter account.

To be honest, I can’t remember how I ended up in this account @yuaoi85 – which you know, would make sense as a username. However, there are several things weird with the account.

The most obvious one is that is not a verified account, but very few outside Hollywood verify theirs… so I can pass that.

The second big one is that Yu doesn’t speak English. It is simple English, but out of 17 tweets – 6 are in English. – Plus, her latest tweet is a copy and paste of the message on her website.

Also, who is that account following. Docomo. Fine, she sponsors Docomo.

But why a Kardashian? Marie Claire? Elle?

It’s very random follows.

And the first tweet is about a football soccer match. LOL

Then again, if it is the actual account (you never know xD) – I need explanations. Why Kardashian!!??!?

Until her website is linked to a twitter account, we shall label all as fakes.