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The 40min. segment from FujiTV’s Tunnels Thanks to Everybody that aired the day before the opening of Raiou… is actually pretty fun. Plus, Yu Aoi talking about food.

A popular segment in which Tunnels and guests take turns trying to guess the food the opponent hates the most.

We need translation for this one xD

Loads of interesting facts, it seems… like Yu owning a shaved-ice machine.

And Yu tearing up when laughing. Does anyone get that when they laugh?

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How did I not know about this MV until today? LOL It was released in 2003!

I was going through some of the posts that had lost its YouTube video links, and one of them was this Yu Aoi and MVs posts, and I ended up seeing this video on Tudou, which took forever to load. I wasn’t sure it was a real MV, so I looked it up, and voila! Seems legit~

Song is okay too! LOL

Oh hoh… teasing photo for those who wanted Shunji Iwai + Yu Aoi back together. xD

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I told you there were a few posts…

Anyway, did any of you watched Ryomaden last season? I did try to watch it at the beginning but wasn’t that into it, so it was really troublesome to gather the energy to find a subtitled version of it. Plus, there weren’t any small files, and I didn’t feel like download HD versions.

So I watched on TV with no subs.

Until the very last episode that Yu was on… and then till the very last of the year.

I remember that when I saw the preview of episode 44 with Yu’s character Omoto saying goodbye, I thought to myself — well, what bad number of episode to leave the show xD and it ended up being her 13th guest appearance — pretty sure about that.

Anyway, for those who didn’t watch the show — Yu played Omoto, a geisha who’s a closeted Christian (oh, the irony!). She plays the shamisen, does some traditional dancing and performing, and has some non-explored sexual tension with Ryoma. She was good in it, but I understand that Taiga dramas are a long-term commitment.

Here’s the capture of the interview with photos for those of you who won’t touch a Taiga with a stick xD

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As you probably know… or didn’t – Yu’s latest play with Satoshi Tsumabuki, Minami he, opened in Tokyo… had some dates postponed (at least) due to the Earthquake, and I think it’s safe to say that it’s done with its running.

There were interesting thoughts on it – hint: only read one review, which you can check by going through the Minami tag – and I ran into this poster for it, which is the closest some of us got to this play xD

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