First Otouto Teasing~~~

October 7, 2009 — 6 Comments

Seriously, like I commented over at Nippon Cinema — this looks like the teaser for a teaser because it leaves me with so very little to chew on until passed January 30 next year. And I probably need to wait nearly a year to watch it.

But I’m looking for scraps here. Yu’s film fans can’t get satisfied with pretty photoshoots, though sometimes they get a little bit distracted, film fans still know that there’s nothing announced after Otouto, so this teaser will have to do.

not tagging this as “trailer” because I’m not satisfied. haha.
Explanation of the trailer, over at Nippon Cinema.

6 responses to First Otouto Teasing~~~

  1. The good thing about it being a Yoji Yamada film is that ever since Twilight Samurai, all his films have come out with English subs really fast. I think that his last film “Our Mother” was released in Jan of 2008 and the dvd with english subs came out in July of that same year. So the wait won’t be too long!

    I hope Yu has a big part in this!

  2. that left u blue balled….

  3. true, true. haha

    tell me, is that hand on the last scene, Yu’s?

  4. I’m eager to watch it. I like Yamada’s films and the cast is great !!

  5. It looks like her hand and Yu does play her daughter in the film so she would be my first guess.

  6. Hmm, isn’t she playing the little brother’s daughter? so that would make her her aunt.

    Does anyone feel Yu might die in the film? LOL

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