ViiKii is Subbing Camouflage!

September 21, 2009 — 6 Comments

Woah! I just had a surprise adrenaline rush. xD
Like the title states (and hopefully my begging and grovelling helped),
I just found out that ViiKii is subbing the remaining episodes of
WOWOW’s Camouflage, starring… if you didn’t know by now, Yu-chan~

I’ve only discussed Chapter 1, so I’m looking forward to discussing the rest.

If someone tells me how to work around the subs so we can used them with the RAWs,
let me know~

6 responses to ViiKii is Subbing Camouflage!

  1. I thought u knew! I saw it last night and I was all “cool”
    But I am having a major Yu Aoi movie thingy going on. Started to watch Honey and Clover and yeah, Yu is what makes that movie! Need to dl cus I want it in HQ

  2. Well, I haven’t checked up on Camouflage in a while. I just did because I was looking for some info as I just ripped the audio of the theme song, which is supposedly sang by Yu.

    LOL’ I’ve heard… or read people saying no one says arigatou like Yu’s Hagu. xD

  3. wow, great news, keep us updated :)

  4. am fucking in love with Yu’s Hagu!
    It just stroke upon me how fucking osm she is.
    Pity that YAM had a sucky article about her….

  5. LOL
    you wanna write a rectification? xD

  6. oh, by the way. check the Sandrine Pinna post, I think you will love her. Actually, I think you’ll love Miao Miao.

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