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Multiple Yu Aoi post day!
ending the month with 85 posts!

As you know (most people anyway) Yu pimps Kirin beverages. She’s been feature in a full series of Kirin Tea… “Afternoon Black Tea” and other tea-related beverages. One of the commercials that was released this past October was this cute one with the dancing xD

on Tudou.

Dancing and smiling Yu to make your day a happy one. xD

Bunch of other Kirin CMs below the break

To be honest, I do drink tea all day. Not Kirin, not sold locally. xD

Playlist is here.

I ran into this video, which is a fan-made video without label that made me think it was almost a real video, if I hadn’t seen the original video from which the Yu Aoi footage comes from. LOL

Ikimono-gakari‘s Sakura ~2007 version~ (single was released in 2006).

[iframe src=”” width=”480″ height=”405″]

I really like the song, so I will check out their discography~

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Once again, no subs ;P
But you can still enjoy the interview.

If I ever meet Yu-chan, I want her to introduce herself.
It’s so adorable every single time she introduces herself, something about the way she says her name with the combination of “minna-san” xD “minna-san, Aoi Yu desu~” xD

You know when you’re young, and you’re with your friends hanging out when your parents arrive. They try to be cool, and talk to your friends about the time when you were a kid… about the most embarrassing or bizarre things~ Or they feel it’s appropriate to tell your friends about when you were a baby, and feel the need to tell the story graphically, so they decide to take the family photo album out and show them photos of yourself probably naked and being all baby cute? xD

Well, we’re playing that role today, since we seem (at least I) to know nothing about Yu’s parents and overall family — though I’m pretty sure she has an older brother.

Anyway, Acerk found a video of Yu playing games.

I’m not sure what it is, if it’s a game show or what… but I’ve been suspecting is a clip of her work as an OHA Girl for Tokyo TV’s OHA SUTA… but that’s just a theory of mine. It just reminded me of those clips I saw of the show in search for one of Yu.

Was this announced before? Because I remember talking about Yu with Vogue for some November issue.


From left to right – Ai Tominaga, Yu Aoi, Yukie Nakama, Shinobu Otake, Yayoi Kusama, Rie Miyazawa, Aya Ueto, Yukiko Motoya, and Ai Sugiyama

I’m not sure if it’s a women of the year, or the decade though xD
but I’m so happy for Yu (though not sure, since she didn’t have many projects out this year), and Happy Yu is so cute because you can’t help but smile when you see that smile.

vogue-women-yu-aoi-4 vogue-women-yu-aoi vogue-women-yu-aoi-2 vogue-women-yu-aoi-3

Check out the MyCom Journal Gallery [jp], Oh No They Didn’t,
and a full Yu gallery over at Walkerplus!

I finally found big scans of that So-En photoshoot Yu did for this month’s issue.

Did Yu really cut her hair? Because her hair is really tucked away otherwise~~~ I love Yu wearing glasses, and I love Yu with that hat. Love her hair on the cover, and that puffy hair is hilarious. xD

I had to make a wallpaper of that photo with the hat. xD

Yu Aoi - So-En Wallpaper - 1680x1050

In case you haven’t gotten the hi-res,
check it out over at from
Now, if only there were non-watermarked scans…

haruki-murakami-after-darkThis is the Spanish edition of Haruki Murakami’s book also titled with the same name. It tells a bizarre real-time (think of Fox’s 24) story surrounding a 19-year-old named Mari who sits at a random Denny’s restaurant in the middle of the night, when a dude comes by telling her they’ve met once before, he’s a friend of Mari’s older sister, Eri. At the same time, Eri is seen in a neverending sleep, as if she never wanted to wake up again.

To be honest, I didn’t really get the chapters that described Eri’s bizarre sleeping sequences. At first, it was kind of scary, but it just didn’t do much for me in the end. I did really enjoy Mari, though. I wanted to know more about her… perhaps because I can relate effing around at a Denny’s in the middle of the night. Sometimes I would go there — maybe call a friend, or stop by a friend who lived around it — get something to eat or drink and waste time. I would also go on the longest walks around town with a friend at 2am, taking photographs or ending up at the local playground sitting on the swings. I still miss those.

Anyway, I digress. What I wanna say is that I could see a bit of me in Mari, so I wanted to read more about her. I thought all the stuff related (people, not incidents) to the Love Hotel was very interesting… Kaoru, Korogi and Komugi. And Takahashi made me laugh.

I gotta admit that this would play out nicely on a movie, though. While reading it, I was imagining Yu Aoi as Mari — I know she’s way too old for the role, but she can pull it off LOL — there was also Eita as Takahashi (tall, skinny and a feeling like you can tell him stuff), Shizuyo Yamasaki as Kaoru, Mikako Ichikawa as Korogi… and I had a dilemma whether to choose Asami Mizukawa or Kou Shibasaki as Eri. The good thing is that in the book everyone says Mari and Eri are very different. Mari is never considered gorgeous like her model sister Eri, so I could get away with any of the two. You could sense that Mari is pretty, but not in the “omg-she’s-so-hot” kind of way. I feel like Shibasaki would fit better as an older sister to Aoi’s Mari, however, Mizukawa is 2 years older than Aoi (same age difference with the characters) and I think fits better the whole “hot” factor. Plus, both Shibasaki and Mizukawa have shared the screen with Eita already. xD

As for the Chinese character, I dunno. Maybe Sandrine Pinna? I know it’s a pretty small role, but she’s sorta the same age as Aoi. I think it’s a tough role though, but it’d be interesting to see what the on-screen chemistry is on that particular scene at the Love Hotel. As for the other Chinese dude, I was thinking Chen Chang~~~ as for the office worker guy, I know he’s supposed to be in his 30s, but would I be pushing it if I’d say Abe Hiroshi feels like a good choice?

I want this movie made. Ha! With this cast! Make it happen Murakami-san!

And we continue to go through the years and film~

Some interesting observations on this one? There were a lot of GOOD male performances. I guess it’s by years, but I thought it was so tough to choose my Best Actors this time.

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I just made a gallery at Flickr on gender-bending photos~
can only add 18 pics though =(

some celebrity photos! LOL – check it out!


This is, obviously, a request post… as well as a filler post. xD

Basically, I’m kind of tired… and lazy to “try” to translate, what I don’t get.

So I’m asking anyone who has an understanding of Japanese, and has a small interest in Yu Aoi work to help us poor non-Japanese speakers with translations. There are all these bunch of scans out there, but none of them are translated or even commented on, so it’d be great to at least know what they talk about, right?

Then there’s the video interviews… and then there’s some of those projects that never see the light of fansub day. LOL – So I want fans to gather here, all translation credit would go to the people translating.

So just putting this out there…

Leave a message, I’ll get in touch with the email you leave on the form.