31-Day Movie Meme: Anomalous Edition

September 8, 2010 — 2 Comments

10. A Movie You Never Expected to Like but Loved

The McDull series. I began with #3, but ended up with the 4 films. My Life as McDull is by far the best, while Alumni is the craziest. In the series, McDull is an unremarkable piggy… which is the best. A lot of kids are told that they are special [think Disney star specila], so kids feel entitled. In McDull, however, the piggy is an unremarkable kid who accomplishes nothing, but still leaves you with a good message. You don’t need to be the most cool, the most bright, the most talented. All you need to be is a good-hearted person… or er… pig.

LOL, and there’s also Mrs. McDull. xD

11. A Movie that Disappointed You

I want to say Greenberg, but I’m on bad terms with Ben Stiller, so I was half and half about it. So I’m gonna have to go with Hua Mulan because there was so much potential there, and Zhao Wei can be pretty awesome. I mean, scale-wise, it was epic, but Zhao Wei should’ve committed to the hero/bad-ass attitude. Come on! Mulan’s a legend, they could’ve taken other liberties… other than making Zhao Wei look pretty in her armor xD

12. Best Soundtrack/Background Music in a Scene

All About Lily Chou Chou. Salyu + Takeshi Kobayashi + Shunji Iwai. Love xD

Hmm… I should really make a compilation of YouTube videos of the OST.

13. Favorite Animated Movie

Grave of the Fireflies, which also makes me cry… but I didn’t wanna repeat. xD

14. Favorite Film in Black and White

Queen Christina xD I love Greta, and this is my fave of hers.

Plus that line about not dying an old maid, but dying a bachelor. It made my day the first time I heard it. LOL – But you know, this is my list of Modern Black & White, so feel free to add suggestions there.

2 responses to 31-Day Movie Meme: Anomalous Edition

  1. How many Bring It On films do they want to make!?!

    Love that scene from Jurassic Park. It's one of those where you feel the whole audience gasp. It was a wonderful experience seeing it in the cinema back in 93.

    • They have about 4 DVD sequels. LOL I dunno if they plan more. Others like it? American Pie. LOL

      I know what you mean about JP xD I'm planning to watch it tonight xD

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