31-Day Movie Meme: Anomalous Edition

September 8, 2010 — 2 Comments

25. A Movie You Plan on Watching

Oh, come on! “A” movie? Only one?

I’ve tried watching Maboroshi no Hikari by Kore-eda twice already, and I seem to fall asleep. I haven’t found the proper moment to watch the film yet.

26. Freakishly Weird Movie Ending

Well, yeah. No one knows what Mulholland Dr. is about. How about Donnie Darko then?

27. Best Villain

Cruella Deville! She kills puppies! Or I guess… she wants to make coats out of puppies!

2 responses to 31-Day Movie Meme: Anomalous Edition

  1. How many Bring It On films do they want to make!?!

    Love that scene from Jurassic Park. It's one of those where you feel the whole audience gasp. It was a wonderful experience seeing it in the cinema back in 93.

    • They have about 4 DVD sequels. LOL I dunno if they plan more. Others like it? American Pie. LOL

      I know what you mean about JP xD I'm planning to watch it tonight xD

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