Is it Oscar Time yet? Foreign Submissions

September 8, 2010 — 3 Comments

Look, I made a banner. LOL

While reading my usual news, I found out that Kokuhaku (aka. Confessions) by Tetsuya Nakashima has been chosen by Japan as their submission for the upcoming Academy Awards. I haven’t even seen the film, but I really thought they would choose something like Norwegian Wood, which seems to be getting in all the major festivals, while Kokuhaku… has been, well… doing well in Japanese Box Office. So it’s a surprise.

These are the other films sent for consideration:

  • Austria – La Pivellina
  • Hungary – Bibliothèque Pascal [Variety]
  • Iraq – Son of Babylon
  • Netherlands – Tirza
  • Peru – Undertow [review]
  • Poland – All that I Love/Everything I Love [Poland]
  • Romania – If I Want to Whistle, I Whistle [The Hollywood Reporter]
  • South Korea – A Barefoot Dream
  • Sweden – Simple Simon [The Hollywood Reporter]
  • Taiwan – Monga
  • Venezuela – Hermano

Any more? xD

Germany has a shortlist that include 3 Nazi-related dramas. Their pick will be announced in about 10 days.

3 responses to Is it Oscar Time yet? Foreign Submissions

  1. Kokuhaku is really not the best movie of Nakajima… i was really disappointed.
    But I’m not sure japanese production has anything good, or not manga/dorama related, to submit to the commission this time.

  2. Oh, maybe you can write a short review for YAM? Around 300 characters?

  3. LOL, yeah. It's amusing to see how fun killing in Japanese films can be… sometimes. That can only be done in Kill Bill… for obvious reasons.

    Shibasaki Kou was the scariest thing on BR xD

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