31-Day Movie Meme: Anomalous Edition

September 8, 2010 — 2 Comments

6. A Movie that Makes You Cry Every Time

I’ve seen Dancer in the Dark so many times, I’m not sure I cry anymore. And I can’t say Memories of Matsuko… and I don’t wanna repeat myself below… so, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. And before you say anything, Benjamin and Daisy grow old and in different directions… so they grow old together but not really together! They just had to meet in the middle, and that’s all they had!

I’ve only seen it 3 times, because frankly… it’s long. But I’ve cried those 3 times, and I think the first one and third one were the worst because I watched them alone. LOL

But you know what hurts? How ridiculously good-looking they were in there middle point.

7. Least Favorite Movie by a Favorite Actor

The bias must come off! But as soon as I saw the name, I remembered. Henshin. OMG, it was such a horrible film. My first thoughts about the movie were “WTF is this movie!” LOL Not even my bias for Yu Aoi could save it. Actually, I think it did… it got 2 stars, and I don’t know why. LOL

8. A Movie that Should Be Required High School Viewing

Is this literal? Like something they should watch at schools? Or a movie that EVERY should watch.

Red Cliff. Every one should watch the 2-part cut, instead of the international version. And you could get away with showing it in school for Chinese Culture class. Who knows? Maybe if I had been interested in school, I would actually be speaking Chinese.

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  1. How many Bring It On films do they want to make!?!

    Love that scene from Jurassic Park. It's one of those where you feel the whole audience gasp. It was a wonderful experience seeing it in the cinema back in 93.

    • They have about 4 DVD sequels. LOL I dunno if they plan more. Others like it? American Pie. LOL

      I know what you mean about JP xD I'm planning to watch it tonight xD

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