Aug 7

Are you feeling the new theme?

It has been a long time since I last did anything important to my blog… maybe a little over two years. I really didn’t know what to do while the WordPress coding has changed over the years. It seemed I needed a new theme with new capabilities… though I do think WordPress has begun acting a little too much like Tumblr~~~

There had been some very beautiful new WP themes (some you need to pay for), when I saw Matala I immediately thought “this is the one.” But I needed to change the graphics, as much as the original theme looked nice… I didn’t want to look like all the other blogs that might be using this theme.

So I was playing around Photoshop… without knowing exactly what I wanted, and ended up with this Dogville, Dancer in the Dark, and Memories of Matsuko mash-up — I call it “Suffering Heroines of Cinema” o “Heroinas Sufridas del Cine” in Spanish~ I almost added Amelie in it instead of Matsuko, but felt she was too off against these two Von Trier characters. LOL

I’m not completely feeling this theme, though. How about you?

7 responses to Are you feeling the new theme?

  1. Hi Amy,

    I’m a sort of long time follower of your blog, first time commenting though. I liked the old theme better. this one’s lacking the pert, fresh quality of the old one that i got to know you with. but don’t get me wrong, the art work is beautiful, it just doesn’t match the same vibe i grew to know and enjoy with the “original”.. but then again maybe its time for a change?

    • Hey, Lexi – nice to see you out of the shadows. :)

      I know what you mean, there was something spunky about the older theme (maybe it was the hot pink, light blue and lime green) that these suffering heroines lack.

      I kinda like the functionality of the theme, though. The whole choosing whether the post is an image, a status… or a gallery, etc.

      Got a question for ya~~ What are you in for? I mean, how did you come by the blog and what gets you reading xD since you know… I haven’t been updating so often.

      • Amy I first stumbled across your blog on the interwebs b/c i was going through a really heavy Aoi Yu phase and yours is one of the only english sources for stuff on her. Still is i think. I think I come back for more Aoi and also you post some interesting videos and magazine photos that I wouldn’t have access to here in the states. Basically you my inaccessible eye candy dealer :D

        I have a few blogs that i always hit up.
        1. Lainey Gossip being the daily one,
        2. celebrity gossip academic style (which I think you will love if you havent found it already)
        3. a japanese snack review blog
        4. yours.

        • Ooooh, I used to hit up Lainey daily… until I decided to cut down on gossip. LOL And I think I’ve stumbled upon Anne Helen Petersen before, but as of lately… academic style gossip is not my style, sometimes I even skim through Lainey’s posts! I’m so lazy now!

          Oh, yeah – the Yu Aoi thing. xD Such a double sword – it’s good to take the time to post in English even if it’s hard to get info (I used to always rely on the LJ community but it’s been dead lately)… but also don’t want to be known as “the yu aoi fan” LOL it’s a bit embarrassing at times, but I guess one has to live with it.

          And I loveeeeeeeeeee Japanese snacks. I think Asians have the best snacks, I wonder how they never get fat.

  2. IT’S.SO.PINK!!!!!!!!!

    The theme is really nice, but it doesn’t feel like you….

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