Experiment Awards’ 2004

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And we continue to go through the years and film~

Some interesting observations on this one? There were a lot of GOOD male performances. I guess it’s by years, but I thought it was so tough to choose my Best Actors this time.

Best Picture
– Closer
– Nobody Knows
– 3-Iron
– The Passion of the Christ
– Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Almost made it: One Nite in Mongkok, Motorcycle Diaries, Bad Education, Downfall, Finding Neverland, The Sea Inside, Mysterious Skin

Best Director
– Michel Gondry – Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
– Hirokazu Koreeda – Nobody Knows
– Alexander Payne – Sideways
– Mel Gibson – The Passion of the Christ
– Ki-duk Kim – 3-Iron

Almost made it: Walter Salles – Motorcycle Diaries, Gen Sekiguchi – Survive Style 5+, Gregg Araki – Mysterious Skin

Animated Feature
– Howl’s Moving Castle
– Shrek 2
– McDull, Prince de la Bun

Best Actor
– Bruno Ganz – Downfall
– James Caviezel – The Passion of the Christ
– Hyun-kyoon Lee (Hee Jae) – 3-Iron
– Yuya Yagira – Nobody Knows
– Javier Bardem – The Sea Inside

Almost made it: Gael Garcia Bernal – Motorcycle Diaries, Johnny Depp – Finding Neverland, Kevin Bacon – The Woodsman, Jim Carrey – Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Joseph Gordon-Levitt – Mysterious Skin

Best Actress
– Kate Winslet – Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
– Hilary Swank – Million Dollar Baby
– Catalina Sandino Moreno – Maria Full of Grace
– Maggie Cheung – Clean
– Uma Thurman – Kill Bill Vol. 2

Almost made it – Yu Aoi – Hana & Alice

Supporting Actor
– Gael Garcia Bernal – Bad Education
– Clive Owen – Closer
– Morgan Freeman – Million Dollar Baby
– Paul Giamatti – Sideways
– Mark Ruffalo – We Don’t Live Here Anymore

Almost made it: Jack McElhone – Dear Frankie, Rodrigo de la Serna – Motorcycle Diaries

Supporting Actress
– Natalie Portman – Closer
– Laura Linney – Kinsey
– Sophie Okonedo – Hotel Rwanda
– Virginia Madsen – Sideways
– Laura Dern – We Don’t Live Here Anymore

Almost made it: Julia Roberts – Closer, Naomi Watts – We Don’t Live Here Anymore, Monica Bellucci – The Passion of the Christ, Emily Mortimer – Dear Frankie

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