Playing the role of Yu’s Parents…

You know when you’re young, and you’re with your friends hanging out when your parents arrive. They try to be cool, and talk to your friends about the time when you were a kid… about the most embarrassing or bizarre things~ Or they feel it’s appropriate to tell your friends about when you were a baby, and feel the need to tell the story graphically, so they decide to take the family photo album out and show them photos of yourself probably naked and being all baby cute? xD

Well, we’re playing that role today, since we seem (at least I) to know nothing about Yu’s parents and overall family — though I’m pretty sure she has an older brother.

Anyway, Acerk found a video of Yu playing games.

I’m not sure what it is, if it’s a game show or what… but I’ve been suspecting is a clip of her work as an OHA Girl for Tokyo TV’s OHA SUTA… but that’s just a theory of mine. It just reminded me of those clips I saw of the show in search for one of Yu.

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