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Hey, Britney~

Let your body loseeeee control~~~

I wasn’t aware Britney had enough videos to fill a Top10. LOL

Whenever I think about Joseph Kahn, I… well, now I think about stupid Torque, while my friend complained that he paid to watch the film and fell asleep. Yup, Torque’s one of those film I try to block for the sake of the Kahn – because the Kahn is a pretty kick-ass music video director.

Before I ever EVER turned into the teenage girl that knew (and still knows) the lyrics to the Backstreet Boys songs, and before the Kahn blew me away with Everybody (Backstreet’s Back) — which remains my dad’s fave BSB song and  video. MY DAD who rocks xD — before all of that, I was blown away by Brandy and Monica’s The Boy is Mine. Not because I knew the lyrics… I didn’t. I didn’t know English then~ I just looked at them and doing the sing-off which I didn’t understand, and watched the clips of the video on Frecuencia Latina’s Ayer y Hoy. I found it fascinating.

Of course, then I got cable… and I got MTV, and I became a BSB fan and learned English. And Everybody (Backstreet’s Back) is a bloody good pop music video. Of course it’s got tinges of Michael Jackson, that’s why it’s so good. Mind you, Nick’s mummy , Brian’s werewolf, Howie’s vamp and AJ’s Phantom are kinda lame, but Kevin’s Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde more than make up for anything. And that group sync dance, ahh… they don’t make them like that no more.

Watch the HD version (only US), or the regular version.

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I promised myself I would keep up with music… at least the one I used to follow, but don’t have time for anymore. I used to be a huge Maroon 5 fan – along with a friend… thank you illegal downloads – before radios began overplaying them in 2005. I’m literally sick of She Will Be Loved and This Love.

And just so you know, I did get them through… I think it was Limewire or Kazaa that time. Circa 2002? Anyway, I liked them so much that I paid a John Mayer concert to see them open the show. LOL

Anyway, they’ve got a new album… and someone’s offered to review it, so it’s saving me the trouble! xD

So… Give a Little More sounds pretty much like your average funky catchy Maroon 5 song. The video is nice too, with warm hues and all. I thought the song was a bit slow at first, but luckily it picked up.

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When did Eminem get such good DPs for his music videos?

Anyway, new single from Eminem’s Recovery album. Man, what a recovery. I don’t even like Rihanna, but this song is pretty good… and I hate Megan Fox so so much, but this is her best role yet, because she doesn’t speak.

Also Dominic Monaghan is looking kinda hot… always been, but it’s just him, being an abusive asshole on the video, and with the CGI fire – LOL, there’s something to the character. But then again, Eminem is also kinda hot there, so maybe my hot-radar is skew… I still wonder what he did to his face… but still some quiver. People kill the quiver when they speak usually… I never read Eminem interviews or articles. xD

I think I might need to do a shame-f*ck list. LOL

Sooooo, Eminem’s Back.

Back again. Tell your friends. ~~ Thoughts? Not really that catchy, but it is kind of funny. Noticed how he pokes fun at loads of tabloids’ fave celebrities? Also… Joseph Khan! He’s worked with Britney, as you might well know.

Anyway, I found the lyrics, though they don’t seem to be right. John Mayer must be in cloud 9 with being mentioned in the song, and Sarah Palin *snorts* that bit was funny… – I do feel kind… of… sorry for Jessica Simpson. But seriously, Eminem could’ve poked fun at other ‘celebrities’ other than Rock Star dude, and the Kardashian chick. It makes it seem a bit outdated.

*sighs* pop culture isn’t what it used to be. Have you noticed it now changes every other week? Every other week there’s another dumbass celebrity on Twitter posting photos of their wives’ asses and then asking for privacy. Long gone are the days of true movie icons… shame.

, but need to share this. LOL’


Thank you, Nate… for poking my eyes on the voodoo dolls you’ve got stash away. Yes, we’ve done YAM. Please, help yourself to some YAM for Xmas over here

Hope you enjoy.

Well, my music video knowledge is very limited, but these are a couple of the trivia that I know by heart:

  • The first EVER music video aired on MTV was “Video Killed the Radio Star” by, if I recall correctly, The Bugles.
  • “Thriller” by Michael Jackson was the first ever Music Video-Turned Short Film.
  • The first ever Music Video I remember watching is “Remember the Time” by Michael Jackson – another short film/music vid!

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