Maroon 5 – Give a Little More + Misery

I promised myself I would keep up with music… at least the one I used to follow, but don’t have time for anymore. I used to be a huge Maroon 5 fan – along with a friend… thank you illegal downloads – before radios began overplaying them in 2005. I’m literally sick of She Will Be Loved and This Love.

And just so you know, I did get them through… I think it was Limewire or Kazaa that time. Circa 2002? Anyway, I liked them so much that I paid a John Mayer concert to see them open the show. LOL

Anyway, they’ve got a new album… and someone’s offered to review it, so it’s saving me the trouble! xD

So… Give a Little More sounds pretty much like your average funky catchy Maroon 5 song. The video is nice too, with warm hues and all. I thought the song was a bit slow at first, but luckily it picked up.

However, I think I like the first single better. I like how the misery theme conflicts with the happy tone of the song, and the beat-up Adam Levine gets. You know, there’s a saying here that goes like this “Mas te pego, mas te quiero” which literally means “the more I hit you, the more I love you” – sad, but a saying nonetheless. Most people use it ironically. But I bet there’s masochist emos who could take it seriously.

There’s even a UK censored version? LOL So bad.

I used to find Levine hot. My friend decided he was going to be her imaginary pal – hint: bf LOL – so I let her have him xD Now, OMG those lines on his forehead. It’s like Luke Perry. xD Now, if you judge women by how “unkept” they look, their wrinkles, and saggy bits… well, I’m judging men that way too. We’re all equal. xD

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  1. Ahahah the good old days of Limewire and Kazaa. I even remember using Napster which was a year or two before those :)

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