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I’m never really good with Satellite Awards, I always forget them. But then again, there’s so many Satellite nominees per category… it seems a bit excessive. It’s like chucking all the best performances of the year, instead of choosing five spots even if three good performances will be left out.

And when there’s not enough good performances… they just fill the category up!

Inception is leading this one ;P

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Excuse as I say that I thought Grammy awards couldn’t get any lower than last years. This is me saying that I enjoyed Eminem, and Lady Gaga fine.

But it’s really effing sad that Katy Perry’s got a Grammy nod for Album of the Year.

Not really static about any of the main categories. However, one category did really jump out for me — Julieta Venegas got a nod for Latin Pop Album. She plays so many instruments… and she has her own sound. When you listen to Julieta Venegas, you know it’s Julieta Venegas.

Her album wasn’t even nominated for a Latin Grammy — instead, Nelly Furtado’s which I actually liked fine won. The saddest part was that when watching that I told my mother “You know what would be sad, if Nelly Furtado wins Best Female Pop at the Latin Grammys.” Let’s not pretend Nelly is not singing in Spanish for commercial purposes. If she were trying to connect with her roots, she’d be singing more in Portuguese.

Plus, they also nominated They Might Be Giants for their Children Album [Meet the Elements, I am a Paleontologist]. I think that’s pretty much it.

Here are the general categories nominees~

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Because I couldn’t post these until the DVD ;P

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Why Kurt Hummel is Important

November 11, 2010 — 5 Comments

This week’s episode of Glee created a bit of a ripple. Some of my friends said “intense” because people were surprised that the football (?) – let’s just call him jock – that he smack one on Kurt. At first I was like Kurt, kinda quiet, but then thought to myself “Oh, okay… I’m not really surprised.”

I went to the ever present IMDb boards to read some of the things people were saying, and was surprised at the amount of people that have begun to hate Kurt… or should I say Kurt’s gay storyline. Okay, I’ll concede in that Glee’s not doing a great balance of the funny, the cheesy and the drama — Popular had a bit of that plus more — but I don’t have a problem with that. I usually like Glee’s cheese, I can handle my drama fine, and I like the funny. But I know what you mean when you guys talk about Glee not being the same.

However, some of the comments left me perplexed with things like “I don’t have a problem with Kurt being gay, but why does his story need to revolve around him being gay?” People saying that Will & Grace was a better representation of homosexuals, and other programs that do the “gay thing” much better.

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Sincerely, this has been Glee’s best episode of the 2nd season so far. We learned a bit from the characters, and the music didn’t take over. There was plenty of funny moments. However, I’m lazy – so this might be my last Glee Quote of the Week. Picking a quote each week is turning into “oh I don’t know what to pick” so it actually takes a lot more time than it did before.

With this post, I want to get off the hook in case I find it difficult next week.

Julie Andrews needs to be Kurt’s grandma, or auntie after his fierce number of Victor/Victoria. And talking about “aunties” – Tina, ain’t nothing wrong with dim sum. Or chicken feet. The Asian in me really wanted to use the chicken feet quote… because I can’t imagine salad with chicken feet. LOL

Having said that. What a gay episode. Rachel and Kurt are meant to be fag-hag and main-gay together. Brittany did Lady and the Tramp, but she had no one. Artie’s being a bitch. But the biggest bitch of all is Santana. The difference is that I like bitch Santana, and I think Artie’s just being a jerk. He’s all like “poor me, you took advantage of me”. Suck it, Wheels!

BitchSantana may be a major bitch, but still ain’t bitch enough to battle the biggest bitch of all. Santana meet Nicole Julian – I think you’re both known as Satan in your respective universes.

There was also cheerleader make-out scene. O_o

I’m like a lizard. I need something warm beneath me or I can’t digest my food.

I like that she doesn’t take offence in comparing herself with a lizard. xD