Emmy 2010 Afterthoughts

August 30, 2010 — Leave a comment

I actually had a lot of fun watching the beginning of the show, and seeing all those new winners… at least in the comedy categories… like Jim Parsons winning Best Comedy Actor – more than well-deserved – Eric Stonestreet for Best Comedic Supporting and easily one of the best thing out of Modern Family – which also won Best Comedy, ahead of Glee… who ended up winning Jane Lynch for Best Supporting, and Ryan Murphy for directing — I’m imagining Murphy won Best Comedy for his work on The WB’s Popular, Mmmmkay?

In the Drama categories, I was a little less satisfied… but since Drama is my thing, they are worthy winners – I’m sure. Though, Michael C. Hall winning for Dexter in Best Actor would have made my month. GAWD! I’m still waiting for Dexter to win some mayor award like Best Drama. After the first season, the fourth season was the best. How I wished they had won.

But okay, ’nuff of winners. [see the list here] Fallon, I must admit… wasn’t as hate-inducing as he is. I actually laughed in some bits of the ceremony. But then I got tired again xD I actually stopped watching the last 30min, until Mad Men and Modern Family were announced as the Best of TV last season.

But here you go~ I’m sure it will be gone by the morning xD

That was probably the most fun I had during the broadcast.

And… I’m too lazy to talk about the best and worst. There’s plenty of that online.

Also, please people. January Jones look good, alright? So stop saying she’s on the Hit List or whatever thing NBC said or all the people I’ve seen online. Her hair was a little crazy, but the dress was interesting in that “oh I wouldn’t use that, but she looks good in it” sort of way. And I wouldn’t use that because I wouldn’t be caught in a dress ever since I finished school. Thank gawd those days are over xD

So stop posting bad photos! No one looks good in a bad photo, not even if you look good. And I think January Jones would look good with a pixie-cut with some length… not super short because her face seems kinda long, but she’s got a nice face. – So Amy says, the one that has recently shaved most of her head… again. xD

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