Don’t Laugh at my Romance – Ship-Off!

Bring it!

Who does it better?

Mirume/En-chan? or Domoto/En-chan?

You know I’m biased.

3 responses to Don’t Laugh at my Romance – Ship-Off!

  1. Hum… Definitely Mirume/En-chan! the scene in the ferris wheel ride is just unbeatable.
    …hum… but… the last scene with Domoto/En-chan was alsso reallllyyy adorable…it’s hard to chose huh…

    Ok, my final decision: En-chan! That’s it!
    Surprise? :P

  2. Hmm I love Domoto/En-chan, though Domoto wasn’t who she wanted, it was who cared for her. xD
    Plus, I was all taken by En-chan’s bashfulness in that final scene.

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