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My order for Yu Aoi’s newest release of Uso. the Pop-up book is finally here. Even though shipping cost me a little more than I had intended. I will review this, and then reveal the surprise I had for all of you.

First, let me tell you it is slightly weird to have an almost-real-life-sized photo of Yu’s face. It is just slightly bigger (I suppose), so it’s unsettling. The photo it’s so sharp and clear, and her skin is so flawless in it, I’m so jealous. But then again… that’s a well-lit photograph, so that’s unfair. xD

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Woah, long time no see, eh?

Let’s see if I remember how to do this. First, because the Yu Aoi posts always get the most hits, I pimp the RSS subscriptions. There’s no better way to keep updated than by subscribing. So~ here you go, Google and Yahoo.

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Here we are, 2 years after the broadcast of Yu Aoi’s WOWOW drama Camouflage — also known as Yu Aoi x 4 Lies. If you are interested to know, Viikii allowed Saltine to post softsubs for it. Though the last episode (ep12) is the only one missing… it’s a HUGE improvement. So thank you Saltine.

Okay, moving on!

Chapter 3 — aka. ep7 through ep9 — is titled AKABANE San Shimai or The 3 Akabane Sisters, directed by director Nobuhiro Yamashita (Linda Linda Linda). The concept of this chapter is to tell the story of 3 sisters — Older and reliable Matsuko aka. Macchan aka. Matsu-nei (Shoko Ikezu), Takeko aka. Take-nei (Yoshimi Nozaki) , and free-spirited Umeko (Yu Aoi), who don’t always get along that well, but always makeup by the end, in the style of old comedy shows that last for several years. The first episode is actually the first ficticious episode of the show titled “Sayonara Okada Sensei” which has the sisters returning from the funeral of their old 6th grade teacher… Continue Reading…

Just to show you I’m not hiding any info. Or am I?
Huh… food for thought.

Anyway, this is the first FLOWERS review I find, in English… not that I scouted FLOWERS reviews in Japanese, because that would be too much extra work, to be honest.

And because I couldn’t find a proper poster for FLOWERS, I made my own — you’d think that’s also extra work, but I do like playing around with Photoshop for fun. LOL Does it look official? xD

Moving on! To the review. It’s not positive. Actually, I sensed a hint of irony while reading it, and of course… FLOWERS reeks of Chick Flick – non-negative connotation. Why point this out? Because there’s a lot of description of what’s going on, and the conclusion is “not enough actual drama”?

What then to make of Norihiro Koizumi’s “Flowers,” which recreates the look of everything from the 1930s black-and-white dramas of Yasujiro Ozu to 1960s Toho Technicolor comedies? Neither slavish imitation nor inventive recreation, the film is more about its faux authentic look and feel-good story lines than actual drama.

While pointing out Gus Van Sant’s Psycho is a shot by shot remake, the review mentions FLOWERS recreates the look of every era they’re showing in the film… which, actually to me sounds appropriate. After all, my mom thinks Mad Men should be broadcast with a funny 1960s tinge. LOL

Maybe the film’s fault is having six leading ladies, because that’s a LOT of storylines. It just makes you feel like there’s just too much going on, and then you’ve got the chick flick.

The solutions to the heroines’ various dilemmas mostly include finding Mr. Right — or Mr. Good Enough — and having babies.

Though that alone makes me feel like chocking someone, I gotta put that in the context of the storyline. Perhaps the heroine’s various dilemmas are impossible to solve, so women make do with what they got. It’s called settling and survival… and Japan pretty much sucks at letting women survive without a man. RIGHT?

And what do you know… maybe it’s emotional. I say, if FLOWERS makes me cry, I’d consider it a job done. After all, the film’s biggest crippling device is…

“Flowers,” however, is not Koizumi’s film so much as that of Takuya Onuki, an ad-agency creative director, who got the idea for it while making TV commercials for Tsubaki shampoo. Featuring top models and actresses, the ads offered striking proof that, as the copy said: “Japanese women are beautiful.”

They certainly are in “Flowers,” which stars six of the most gorgeous, if variously talented, Japanese actresses now working: Yu Aoi, Yuko Takeuchi, Rena Tanaka, Yukie Nakama, Kyoka Suzuki and Ryoko Hirosue. Koizumi and cinematographer Taishi Hirokawa film them in one glamour shot after another — perfectly lighted, posed, madeup and coifed.

Bolding mine.

Of course, ad agencies. And talent agencies…
SUCK IT UP, Idol system! SUCK IT UP!

If you want to read the whole review, you can head over to Japan Times.

It’s always exciting to see Animated films coming together, especially when they take so long to actually get there, you know? Instead of announcing a project, and releasing it just a year later? And just chunking out the next part a few couple of months later. Where’s the quality people!

It seems like Redline has been in production for years… — since 1995, if I read correctly — and will finally see the light of day in October. It seems more real with a website in place and a YouTube Channel. They even have a Twitter too.

Yu-chan will be gracing the cover of H Magazine… again. She was previously on the cover with Ninomiya for a Tekkon photoshoot… and then she was on the Futari no H cover. I have never been able to find high quality scans of that Futari no H shoot… so if anyone has, let me know.

Also, a quick reminder~ Uso. has officially been released. You can get it through HMV Japan… though I pre-ordered it, and they emailed me with a delayed message. BAW~

On the Futari no H link, they mention Travel Sand and Yoko Takahashi. They say Yoko and Yu make up a dream team. xD They do create magic together. You can still buy Travel Sand [YesAsia][HMV JP][Amazon JP], and Dandelion [YesAsia][HMV JP][Amazon JP].

I think both books are pretty big sellers… it always goes out of stock, and if I recall correctly, my Travel Sand book (or is it my Dandelion one?) is already a second print.