Oct 1

Yu Aoi in Matsuko????

I always trust IMDb, I do… but you know, this trust has been slowly fading the more ‘non-occidental’ projects I watch…

The thing is… I watched Kiraware Matsuko no Issho (Memories of Matsuko) because I made a list from Yu Aoi’s IMDb filmography. I LOVED the film, but I did not see her… so I went on a cyber-hunt. If you google it up, you will most likely find my posts because apparently I’m the only one that’s bugged by this.

There are other sites who list her, but I’m inclined to say they are referring IMDb.

I have given up my hunt, I do not care if I see Yu in Matsuko… LOL’ I will believe that she’s not in it, but there will always be this notion that she might have been… this silly doubt in the back of my head.

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  1. same here, I watched the film several times -which was painfree as I think it’s a fabulous movie- but couldn’t find her anywhere

  2. It doesn’t matter what any other sites say, she’s not in it. She doesn’t even list it on her website so…
    unless that’s some funny trivia… lol

    Matsuko is my favorite Japanese film, and Tetsuya Nakashima is one of my faves alongside Iwai ;0

  3. You’re right, she’s not in this film. IMDB messed up.

    Matsuko is in my top five of favorite japanese films. My only complaint would be the ending which dragged on and on and on. But other than that, I loved the rest of the movie and my favorite part was the “Love is Life” prison music video-like segment.

  4. Really?
    I loved the ending, but then again… I’m a total sap.
    xP – that Okaeri kills me.

    I liked the acapella ending when she goes back to the barber, and she sees he’s moved on. I love the musical numbers… I love it all. xD

  5. I liked the very very end when she reunites with her sister but I thought it took forever to get to that point. I also felt that they overused that child melody song, especially at the end when everyone was singing it. It just got tiresome to me. But like I said, that was my only gripe with the film. The rest I loved.

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