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Sorry for the lack of comment activity yesterday, there was a weird mixed up with me, my server, and my ISP… which was fixed NOT by Telefonica, but my server providers~~~ They’re the best. You should all work with them.

Anyway, a lot of stuff… besides the World Cup,
whose Opening ceremony I missed, because I couldn’t wake up for them…

Toy Story 3 screening in the morning! So I’m making this short~

First~ as you may (or not) have noticed, I have added a Yu Aoi Event Calendar to the right, below the Ads. That’s to help us all to keep track of what’s going on and when. As you can see, Flowers opened today.
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As the name suggests, this 2003 drama is about a high school teacher who is dying of an inoperable brain tumor, then one night he meets Hina, a 16-year-old girl who is pretending to be a 20-year-old beautician. They end up in his apartment for the night, even though nothing happens. The next day, she discovers he is her new high school teacher.

Of course, she keeps trying to get with him, and he tries to keep his distance… after all, he is dying. Then, with those crazy Japanese-language misunderstandings, Hina believes she’s about to die. Suddenly, the teacher finds solace in her… and that’s when it just gets creepy and frustrating.

I understand hot-for-teacher.

But I spent 98% of the time watching this [I just finished episode 8] saying how inappropriate.

First, the male lead was just so… ugh, infuriating. I guess it’s not really him, it’s the character that annoys me. I could get it, the way he is for the first 2 episodes. He’s dying, he’s afraid of being forgotten, whatever. However, by episode 7, it just gets tiresome. Man up already! But instead of manning up, and telling Mina that she’s not dying, so she doesn’t need to find physical pleasure to feel alive… because, well… she’s got time.

He goes and diddles the student.

Is that supposed to be romantic?

And then people go on and tell him he looks different, more relaxed. Of course! He’s diddling the student! whom he lied to by saying she’s got an inoperable brain tumor. And the doctor plays along? Lying to her?

Mina should totally sue their asses.


Okay, having said that. Reason why I watched this? Of course, Yu Aoi. I wasn’t gonna watch it because the title is so bland, and I don’t normally do jdramas. However, while looking for the latest Anan photoshoot, I ran into a post that talked about a “rape scene” [on ep08] in the series, so I went all “OMG, I need to check this out.” So I did.

Besides the dragging storyline of the dying teacher who diddles the student who thinks is dying, the series talks about suicide, depression, prostitution, and bullying. The big bad of the series is Yuki, played by Hiroki Narimiya — whom I had already eyed on Tiger & Dragon, and Nana LOL — but his crazy antics get tiring by episode 7 too. I mean, he’s just bad because he’s bad, unlike Koike on Love Exposure who is bad for being bad with a background.
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Yu Aoi for Anan

June 4, 2010 — 1 Comment

Trivia bit?

This issue came out on March 2010. Yu also appears on the Anan covers for March 2009 and March 2008. And she’s got at least 5 Anan covers in total, though I dunno their dates.

How I noticed? I name my photoshoot files with name of magazine and date of publication, and if possible… photographer, though that usually happens with publications in English.

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Obviously, this is a pimp post.

Fashion (as in clothing) is not my forte — I could fight you on photography, though — but Yu Aoi is the crowned Mori Girl, it seems. And Mori Girl: fashion and lifestyle of girls in the forest is just dedicated to it, I knew about it… but I’m not necessarily what you call Mori~~~ Hmmkay. But Yu is on the site’s header, and she’s been featured on the site a number of times, so I think it’s nice to feature it here for the Yu-chan fans interested in her fashion.

These are some of the posts:

Yu Aoi on Spoon Magazine Oct.2009
Featured Mori Nov.2009
Yu Aoi in Pretty Style May.2010 <- check the last 3 photos. LOVE. Want bigger scans.
Yu Aoi in Anan May.2010

=D Happy pic spam~