6-Month Mark…

October 22, 2008 — 7 Comments

So… I have noticed, I don’t know if you have, but I seem to have a 6-month mark. It’s basically me finding something, obsessing over it for 6 months, and then sort of… there? It’s still there, but not getting mad over it anymore.

At least it’s been like that since Harry Potter… I am almost pretty sure. I pretty much disliked the last two books, for OBVIOUS reasons, some smart people might notice… and friends will pretty much know. So it all sort of crushed something inside of me…

Main thing is, I don’t read as much as I was reading in my 2003-2006 period, but that’s another topic.

Since then, I’ve been jumping fandoms… now, is it because some fandoms are not good? Or is it something about me? Can’t I hold my interest longer than six months??

Just checking this blog’s archive, you’ll notice close to six months of pretty obssesing blogging about Celtic Woman, and Meav… some America’s Next Top Model posting, some Marit Larsen on and off, Emma Caulfield postings… and as time has gone, multiple postings a day, multiple postings on The L Word, Bjork, Marion Cotillard, Award Season… and brings me to current Japanese vibe.

It’s been 6 months since I first watched Last Friends, pretty sure… so that means it’s been 6 months of Juri Ueno, and Yu Aoi… 6 months of pricey stuff, GOSH! 6 months of Asian posting, film watching, music listening… THOUGH, I feel it’s slowed down. Perhaps it’s because I did all the catching up I intended to do of years of movies cramped into a few months, now it’s the time for waiting for the new films… maybe? Dunno… or will they fade into this 6-month mark like so many others?

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  1. remember the 6 month limit u gave me with the MM album u gave me for my b day? Hahaha well I still listen to MM but maybe not as much as before seeing as I have other asian artists I’m obsessing about. Yet I keep myself updated about them everyday and I’m one of the mods of their crunchy FC heheh.
    My first year anniversary is coming up, seeing as I cannot remember the exact date I was first blown away by W, I decided for the 1st of November as my anniversary date. A whole year can u believe it?
    Yes it has been pricey…
    By the by, u are so out of luck loca. Marit Larsen is not being sold on stores here in sthlm…. she is big but on the net and yeah I’ve been preoccupied with other stuff. So forget me and I shall try to get your cd hahaha

  2. oish, i got myself a little umph for some more yu aoi energy viewing xD, and then I remembered that I still got a bunch of movies to write my review. Plus, there’s been an increase of Yu searches… so we are on our way, ha!

  3. Are you a Harry/Hermione shipper? I’m just curious hehe. I just loved that pairing.

  4. ha! dumbnumb, you are a smart cookie. xD
    yes, i was… or am… I’m not sure anymore.

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