Can’t believe it’s October Already!

October 1, 2008 — Leave a comment

Amy post! I’m currently typing while listening to Salyu’s debut… ‘landmark’ – I’ve been listening to it for the past two days, repeating out loud what I could make out from just listening. Ha! Listening and pronunciation practice xD

Coding… coding either bores me, or gives me headache. I don’t know which one I prefer. T_T – But I make do.

ANYWAY – I got my mom to watch Osen. We’re on episode 7… after ‘marathoning’ on Monday with 5 episodes and a sushi lunch. I’m not sure if she liked the first episodes, but Osen has won her over. I think my mom had a problem with Osen’s drinking habits, but since episode 6… I think she’s fallen in love with Osen just a little bit hahaha. Will you fall in love with her too?

It’s the chopsticks, man. Must be an Asian thing~ I think we dream of someone who can make us custom wood chopsticks. Ha! You know Jerry Maguire?

You had me at ‘hello’?

Well Osen had me at “Sonomama” – LOL, and she got my dad and my mom at “chopstick-making”. To quote my mom… “Que maravilla de mujer!” – LOL.

Anyway, I’ve got French stuff to do… le sigh. See, that was a French sigh. x’D

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