Hana to ARISU Cast Goofing Around

So just a few minutes ago, I put on my Hana & Alice DVD, because I felt like watching something silly about nothing at all… meaning it couldn’t be a film, because I would have to pay close attention to it. This is my 2nd time watching the Making Of, and it’s serious but kinda funny. Well, apparently Japanese edition, and Taiwan edition have different Making Of’s – Well, I only could find clips on them on YouTube (JapPart9, JapPart15, TwClip) – the Japanese ones are pretty funny…

I’m trying to rip a clip of my own, but it seems to take forever without SmartRipper. LOL’ Will get back to you with that later on this post… in the meantime – Well, just wait!

2 responses to Hana to ARISU Cast Goofing Around

  1. I found the “lyrics” – I was watching NHK and some old lady did the rhyme on Nihongo de Asobo, so I figured it’s not invented haha xD

    Well… only if you can follow it. I can’t, so feel free to fix any line~~~

    Kaijarisuigyo-no Suigyōmatsu
    Unraimatsu FÅ«raimatsu

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