The Aoi’s Power!



Well, in the meantime while I figure out my video ripping…

I’ll leave you with a cute CM with Aoi Miyazaki and Yu Aoi, who… of course! worked together in the… 2000? 2001? Gaichu (Harmful Insect).

I really like both Aoi’s work, and I am actually watching Atsu-Hime on NHK (whenever I catch it on). People seem to want to make them compete? Both are good, but Miyazaki might be a tad more known… I noticed many of her films on DVD do include English and even French subs, while Yu’s are not subtitled at all – is that a cause or a result? Subtitles are EVERYTHING for broad distribution, I think.

Anyway… geez! How cute is this CM? They both know each other for 5, 6 years?


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  1. Miyazaki seems to be more popular both at home and outside Japan but it might well be because of a couple of highly successful flicks (Nana, Virgin Snow…) on top of good self-promotion and being more on the current ‘kawai desu’ norm.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think she’s a very decent actress but she’s no match to Yû Aoi who has more potential.

    We’ll see were the two are in a few years. It seems to me that Yû Aoi has more chances to evolve into a seasoned and mature thespian.

  2. Yeah, it’s so easy to find people who are fans of Miyazaki because she’s ‘cuter’. I particularly feel like playing varied characters, with a certain hint of bizarre is what makes an interesting career.

    Also, I think more Yu Aoi films should get subtitles on the DVD… sighs, taht way there’s more chances of more people watching those films.

    Moreover, have you noticed that Yu’s ‘romantic’ films almost always end up as ‘never get the guy’? I dunno, I just had that feeling… I have to look back on it. LOL

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