Where in the World is Yu Aoi?

October 18, 2008 — 5 Comments

Okay… I must blog this because I’ve no idea what’s going on. xD

Yu has updated her blog (Oct 2008 Update ) with the strangest message, EVER. Click here for a quick Google translation.

She is apparently in Caracas, Venezuela – for the not so literate… that’s the capital of Venezuela (where President Hugo Chavez is…) – what in the world is she doing there? I’ve no idea, but she’s not having such a good time. Makes you wonder…

It sounds like she’s in the middle of the jungle… but Caracas, as far as I know it’s a city… like any other. I know people from there~~ And… it’s not that close to the Equator. I’m sure of that, I passed my South American geography tests in school…

Also, water pipes or water is not working? I suppose there’s no electricity? How do we get this message? I’m beginning to suspect Google is not translating properly… or what? Could Yu be in the jungle? What for? Saving rain forest one at a time? New PB? Is she suffering like she seems from this translation?

Can someone translate?

Also… nothing good to eat? Sounds dreadful… and not so PB. She’s up to something, what is it?? I’m sure if she wanted to visit Latin America for its food, she would stop by Peru *hint hint nudge nudge* after all, isn’t Peruvian food known for it’s +400 typical dishes? Plenty to eat, and to photograph I tell you… xD Meh, I’m getting hungry just talking about it… geez~

**EDIT** (almost 4am)
Okay, tried my “own” translation, HA! It seems this update begins OK, here it is (please, feel free to correct):

Everyone, it’s been a long time.

Aoi Yu here. Seasons change, as this year and what little is left, how are we getting along?
I say, throughout a year I most like the time from fall to winter, but  it’s time to turn the page to witness the present, the Equator is freezing.

This is Caracas, the capital of Venezuela.

There’s no hot water in the shower. It was working until yesterday, not anymore. From the start the faucet’s water is the only thing we’ve got. Even though the Equator is in spring, nights are cold.

But no hot water, the air conditioning in the building functions well [sorry can’t translate this] not warming up to the food either. It’s nearly impossible. [Something about emergency rations…]

Even if it’s scary, I’m strong. Everybody simply keeps their physical condition. I’ll keep you inform from the the other side of the Earth.

How was that? LOL’ Okay… clarifications. If Yu is, in fact, in Caracas – that would mean she’s in the northern hemisphere, which means she’s not in the spring season, but in the seasons she apparently likes… fall to winter. If she were witnessing a ‘cold sprint night’ she’d have to be below Quito (the capital of Ecuador).

Reporting from Lima at 4 a.m. – it’s 20ºC ~~ now I’m sure that’s not hot, but it’s not that’s cold either.

5 responses to Where in the World is Yu Aoi?

  1. hahaha so why are u still in Lima loca? Shouldn’t u like be buying the first to caracas to stalk Yu? She is for heavens sake close to u!!!! Omo had it been DBSK and like they went to let’s say Germany, I would totally in debt myself to oblivion just to be close to them!!!!

  2. Buahaha. Excuse me… I don’t stalk. I think it might be because it’s too much work. x’D Otherwise, I would’ve stalked the cast of X-men, Smallville… and god knows what other productions during school time. xD No?

    Anyway, I’m aware we are in the same continent, ha! Plus, it’s not like she’s in a specific location… or do I look for a non-hot-water-building? xD

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