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I know there’s people  that HATE — and I really mean HATE — Hello Kitty with a passion. I know there’s also people that love Hello Kitty… and I remember my friend even made a drawing of Hello Kitty eating Mickey Mouse. Hahaha. It was only HK with a little dark-spaghetti-like-tail in its mouth.

Anyway, I digress~~~ The fact is Hello Kitty is turning 35 — crap, HK is older than my cousin xD

The news reminded me that Barbie is also turning 50, and oh how much has Barbie changed throughout the years. I wouldn’t be surprised she’d be a common Botox user, as well as pretending to go to the gym and starving herself to death to keep that body of hers…

Change isn’t always good, just like the re-designed version of Strawberry Shortcake. It’s not like the new version is a technically bad version, but I would wonder why I would want my daughter watching her. Old Shortcake was short and child-like cute with baggy clothes, big boots, green/white stockings, and short curly red dreaded-hair. She was like a kid, and petted her cat (whatever connotations that may have now…).

New Shortcake is skinny and wears pretty tight clothing. It’s so tight, it almost looks like a freaking one-piece.  She has wavy and lustrous hot pink hair, and uses soft pink lipstick, and she freaking chats on her cellphone. WTF. I don’t want my 6-year-old who barely knows how to write on paper to spend her afternoon nagging me over a cellphone. No wonder kids are so effed up nowadays~~~ 6-year-olds acting like they’re 14.

Continuing with the Multilanguage dubbing~~~
Something reminded me of Winnie the Pooh,
and I ended up finding a bunch of clips in different languages.

My big cousin was a Winnie the Pooh fan.
I bet he still has his teddy. xD
Don’t you, Bruce?

That’s the original intro in English, but check out some of the other versions in Spanish, Swedish and even Japanese…

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That was the moment for me. LOL I was expecting my Dr. Horrible mention xD
Now if only someone could upload for embed a good version of the intro
I love it when he mentions Joan… Ms. Holloway xD

Hmmm… I couldn’t find any other non-YouTube video of Janet’s tribute to Michael, sadly this one has an audio error at least for me… but it will have to do for the time being.



It’s titles! I wonder if porn movies still make funky title designs…
since they are also battling torrents and streaming sites,
also… the music xD
hmmm… maybe not so safe for work.

[iframe src=”” width=”560″ height=”308″]

You’re welcome.

It’s Julia Stiles!
presenting her eco-design clothing line.
Okay, not. But she does present the fab “10 Shirts I Love about You”
And the “Save the Last Shants” …

Ever been wearing a shirt and thought “I sure wish I could also wear these as pants.”

[iframe width=”560″ height=”349″ src=”″]

A new interview with Bibi came out… yesterday!
Or actually… two days ago considering they’re like 14hrs ahead of me~

Bibi Zhou @ Rong Chen Blog

Very cute interview, where they look back a bit on her singing…
Bibi’s mom is also there! And she’s got dimples!!! LOL
And Bibi doing celebrity impersonations~~~ xD – She is very good, if she weren’t singing, she’ll be doing that, I bet. Also pointing out the difference between herself singing, and doing impersonations.

Sorry, no subs… but still fun to watch.

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*burst out laughing*

You know how I feel about dubbing, but this is just too much. xD
Plus, Yu-chan voice-over acting skills, promoting LG (Korea or International?),
and she even manages to mention gohan (food) and ke~ki (cake) – How? Dunno~

[iframe src=”” width=”480″ height=”400″]

Who’s Jane Zhang?

She’s 2nd runner-up to the Super Girl contest, back when Chris Lee (Li Yuchun) won, and Bibi (Zhou Bichang) placed 2nd. Meaning… Jane was just behind Bibi.

I don’t wanna start anyone’s fire. Don’t want to attack the fans, but some of Jane’s fans online had been very vocal on Chris Lee even calling her “man-woman” – I can’t take that. While Li Yuchun fans are happy-go-lucky… after all, they did win. LOL’ – Some of Jane’s fans can’t keep their comments down.

Yes, I get it. Chris Lee is not the best vocalist. I know that.
But she doesn’t suck, you know who sucks at singing? I do. LOL

First time I heard Jane Zhang was on the Lee Hom Wang album, and I thought her voice was very generic Chinese pop idol. My friend happened to ask if I had heard of her, which led me to find out she’s sung in different languages. I admit, it got me interested… she’s sung Contigo en la Distancia!

[iframe width=”480″ height=”390″ src=”″]

Regardless of understanding her Spanish… tell me you did not just see Christina Aguilera’s gestures there? An interesting comment about her accent being and English Spanish accent, instead of a Chinese Spanish accent – because she obviously took the song from Aguilera, and not let’s say… Luis Miguel, or Caetano Veloso.

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Everything I know or get from product photography, I “got” as a kid watching Discovery Kids when they showed a clip of how the photoshoot for a sandwich – complete with pinned-lettuce, strategically placed ketchup, soaking-wet cheese, raw-yet-well-done-cold burger and silicon-sprayed buns – and of course~ the ice-cream cup which was filled with silicon squares, and a some other squishy-plastic-like product… so the ice-cream wouldn’t melt, you know?

I also did some “product shooting” in my school days, but really… wasn’t my thing.

But look at this! It’s almost so SO real, except the fries… but still.

Is product shooting going extinct?