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May 31, 2009 — 4 Comments

I know I’m often unkind to dubbing – right?? – but I particularly think Disney does a decent job at doing multilanguage version of their musically-animated films… perhaps not actual full films, but their musical sequences. I was watching a Russian animated short that linked me to the Russian-dubbed version of the Halloween song on The Nightmare Before Christmas.

I particularly think the Russian dub has a lot of personality, and kinda scarier vibe~~~ and, what do you think of the Japanese dub of Halloween? Kore wa HAROUIN~~~ xD

So… after that, I got a WHOLE bunch of Japanese dubbed Disney films like Aladdin, Tarzan… Multilanguage tracks with Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, German… xD – I felt like they were all pretty good dubs, and that they worked… at least for me. Especially the Japanese dub… but then I might be a bit subjective here. I think the Japanese dub in animation is so good because they are so used to voice acting in their animated films – so dubbing for Disney is second nature.

Is Kidnap the Sandy Claws working for you? (Apparently Miyavi is featured there xD) – How about the French dub? Or Bienvenue a Halloween??? Or the Castillian version (eek!) El Rapto de Santa Clavos (wtf) – Que Vois-je?What’s This? in Japanese (heh, that rhymes xD).

The thing is… I ended up thinking Nightmare dubs were perhaps good, but what about other films?

Tarzan… I found in Japanese dub. Actually, I foudn a LOT of Japanese dubbing. I really dig the You’ll be in my Heart insert film version. Kerchak and Kala… and Terk! They sound awesome in the clip~~~

But I don’t feel it translated well on the You’ll be in my Heart complete version… especially with the left English words. I think it works better in Mandarin… or even in Cantonese, or Spanish with Phil? The versions of Strangers like Me is a little bit more balanced, I think. The Japanese version is really nice… but what do you think of the Finnish version, the Swedish one or the Italian? Though the Italian version sounds like Phil Collins (am I wrong?) like his own singing in the Spanish version.

From Tarzan we fly to Mulan! (one of my mom’s favorites) – Reflection on different languages! Of course the ones that make more sense are the Cantonese and Mandarin versions ;P – I think the DVD has the Mandarin (if not mistaken) audio track available~~~ Then there’s also the Japanese and Korean which are pretty nice too. However, I dunno… something iffy about the Swedish and French versions haha, but I did sing along to it once! xD

Anyway~~~ I’ll leave you with a few Japanese dubs for Aladdin’s A Whole New World, and Friend like Me. The Little Mermaid’s Poor Unfortunate Souls (Ursula is deliciously evil >:D), and The Beauty and the Beast’s Be our Guest.

And how about some… multilanguage clips!

Aladdin’s Friend like Me Multilanguage, and The Little Mermaid’s Poor Unfortunate Souls Multilanguage.

But just so you know… not all Disney films are dubbing-proof~~~ case and point, Enchanted. Not even in Japanese. LOL’ Okay… maybe on the That’s How You KnowOmoi o Tsutaete version. I mean, there IS something weird about Amy Adams singing in Japanese (or Spanish, or French in my DVD) – but this one is surprisingly funny~

… but not on the Happy Working Song. Nothing can beat the original one, LOL.

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