Current Flavors and Getting Your Type

August 4, 2013 — 5 Comments

Has people ever ask you what’s your type? In terms of the people that you like, and you really have no idea because you’ve never really talked about.  I wondered if I could see a pattern in the people I like on-screen, so I made a list of women and men — 25 picks each — and placed generally okay photos of them to see if I could see any characteristics they shared.

A few rules- it has to be people that you follow — not randoms that you just find hot. Sofia Vergara is hot but I haven’t seen her outside Modern Family or Chasing Papi. And it also isn’t about talent… completely. It’s people that you would somehow, if given the chance, do / be with / however you want to call it or do is.

Also, photos should generally be color and looking to the front-ish. Natural looks favored, but since it’s a type thing, I suppose you can use any photos you find your subject attractive in.

In my case, I made the list and listed them by last name, but you’re more than welcome to rank them all.


1. Amy Adams (’74) 2. Yu Aoi (’85) 3. Juliette Binoche (’64) 4. Jennifer Connelly (’70) 5. Joan Crawford (/) 6. Gong Li (’65) 7. Eva Green (’80) 8. Faith Hill (’67) 9. JeA (Kim Hyo-jin) (’81) 10. Chulpan Khamatova (’75) 11. Misster Chris Lai (?) 12. Nigela Lawson (’60) 13. Lee Hyori (’79) 14. Rachel McAdams (’78) 15. Kate Moennig (’77) 16. Rani Mukerji (’78) 17. Miki Nakatani (’76) 18. Rosamund Pike (’79) 19. Carly Pope (’80) 20. Natalie Portman (’81) 21. Sarah Sahi (’80) 22. Vinessa Shaw (’76) 23. Olivia Williams (’68) 24. Ayelet Zurer (’69) 25. Vicky Zhao (’76).

In women I prefer them with dark hair, even when they’re known for their lighter hair (in the case of McAdams), and sometimes I prefer them on screen as I found it difficult to get photos of them that I liked. And looking at the photos all together, they seem to share similar traits, like their cheekbones and the shape of their jaws.

Also, for a moment there, I thought I might see a LOT for eyebrows thing going on.

Flavors of the month… Rosamund Pike and Vinessa Shaw. In fact, Rosamund Pike came in at the last minute replacing Paula Patton, because I’ve only ever seen her on Precious and that Mission Impossible movie.

Rosamund Pike and Olivia Williams look alike. O_O as Nigella and Ayelet Zurer do.

Latest flavor: Rani Mukerji.

You can’t tell from photos, but apparently, I like raspy voices. Except for Adams and McAdams, but I like it when those two are mean.

I still think Kate Moennig is a The L Word thing.

And, yes, Joan Crawford.

Without counting Misster Chris and Crawford’s age, my average is born in 74.70… so my age average at this moment is 38. Tell THAT to 10-year-old me.

In the case of the guys~


1. Abe Hiroshi (’64) 2. Eric Bana (’68) 3. Daniel Bruhl (’78) 4. Chang Chen (’76) 5. Joseph Chang Hsiao-chuan (’83) 6. TOP Choi Seung-hyun (’87) 7. Taye Diggs (’71) 8. Gael Garcia Bernal (’78) 9. Louis Garrel (’83) 10. Christopher Gorham (’74) 11. Ryan Gosling (’80) 12. Jake Gyllenhaal (’80), 13. Nicholas Hoult (’89) 14. Takeshi Kaneshiro (’73) 15. Ryo Kase (’74) 16. Danila Kozlovskiy (’85) 17. Aaron Kwok (’65) 18. Ewan McGregor (’71) 19. Kenichi Matsuyama (’85) 20. Ezra Miller (’92) 21. Wagner Moura (’76) 22. Joe Odagiri (’76) 23. Eddie Peng (’82) 24. Mark Ruffalo (’67) 25. Jack White (’75)

First of all, OMG – Ezra Miller is a 90s BABY. At this point in time, it feels totally wrong… though I’m sure I won’t feel as guilty in five years, with time these six years of difference will be nothing. I also got bigger age gaps to deal with.

My year of birth average in the guys is 77.28, so my average age at this moment is 36. Though the variety of ages in here seems evident… from people like Abe Hiroshi to Miller. I’m also trying to see some similar characteristics, which for a moment I thought was going to be another eyebrow thing (see: Joseph Chang and TOP).

And I still can’t explain Jack White to myself.

There are maybe some jawline similarities between Bruhl, Gorham, Gosling, Kozlovskiy, Kwok, McGregor, Moura and Odagiri. And I can see Moura and Ruffalo looking similar, just like Matsuyama and Kaneshiro. Except for Odagiri and Kase, all the Asian guys that I like tend to be darker. And Chang Chen’s head is similar to Hoult’s. I know, I’m grasping.

Flavors of the month… Ezra Miller, Nicholas Hoult and Danila Kozlovskiy. Except for Danila, the other two came at the last minute replacing Hayato Ichihara and Daniel Henney because I haven’t seen them in a while.

Latest flavor: Danila Kozlovskiy.

I like deep voices, so I have no place for the likes of Justin Timberlake or Adam Levine.

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  1. whoa, I have been wondering about my personal media “types” too over the past few weeks. all I’d say in public over the internet now is that my media types often vary at least a little from my actual life types, probably because I only tend towards much older/embarrassing types through the distance of media, usually filtered through certain characters they have played. Real Life would be more smell (seriously!)/chemistry/much closer to my age and much less likely to look or sound like a creep haha. But that does bring up a question- do other people vary their types between the distance of media and RL? Not just that you actually know their personalities in RL, but on the surface sensory level (visual, voice, etc.).

    • I was wondering about it… liking an actor from here and over there, I wanted to know if they had anything in common that I liked about them physically. Even though it looks like they don’t, they kind of do…

      Actual life types is different, because it’s from the people you relate to the most — but I do tend to get along better with my older friends — this is a recent realization I did in my Korea trip… I have 40-year-old friends LOL, except for one or two that are younger than me by a year or so. So my RL kinda crosses over with the ML one here.

      Smell is an interesting one, a kinda Jean‑Baptiste Grenouille freaky one, but one which I actually get because I’ve caught myself once or twice turning around for people’s smell LOL Don’t worry, I didn’t chase after them… “Hi, my name is Amy. I just smelled you passing by.” xD

      Visual, voice… all you can get through media. A kind of a sense of them through interviews, but the media relationship is a very superficial one. Chemistry is through interaction and that’s on RL, so that doesn’t change much of the photos above. I’m not much of a young people’s people, I guess xD Friends always told me that whenever they dropped my name, their parents would be easily willing to allow them to go out and give them money. I guess I have a trustworthy face xD

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