Off the Great Wall: Most Beautiful Asian Female Celebrities

February 27, 2016 — 3 Comments

I ran into this video on YouTube from the Off the Great Wall channel, and they got a bit of flack over the fact that a vast majority of their picks (3 picks for each of the four speakers) were East Asians xD — only one South Asian pick, because Aishwarya has to be everywhere xD, and then there were the Asian-American (Lucy Liu, I don’t think she’s mixed… is she? And she makes it twice~), the Euro-Asian (but basically) Asian-Americans (Maggie Q + Olivia Munn), and (off the official list) the Euro-Asian (Thai-Swede Praya Lundberg).

The thing is beauty is such a subjective element- whatever floats your boat depends on who you are, cultural background, upbringing, etc. But I do agree with Dan (though he doesn’t apply his own rule when it comes to Munn) — especially when making lists — Staying Power is important.

So I do agree 100% that Gong Li deserves that spot. She’s fabulous and continues to be even more fabulous… In Bollywood talk, Gong Li basically started her career doing de-glam roles in banned Zhang Yimou movies. She was a villager so often, wife of gangsters; and in her 40s, she became an Empress. That’s the complete opposite of the typical Bollywood heroine. She hasn’t been acting much, but a couple of years ago she romanced Andy Lau in a sick powersuit, and just a year or two ago broke everyone’s heart as the wife of a writer during the Cultural Revolution. This year? She’s the baddie in one of the blockbusters on this season- The Monkey King 2. And yeah~ she still looks as fabulous as ever at 50 years old.

Besides staying power? Talent, especially when it comes to celebrities, you know? Someone that can do their job like no other? Interview (variety show appearace) perception is a big plus, but CV is important.

But sometimes, so it happens, I also break my own rules~ lol

Also~ my Pakistan, South East Asian, Middle East and Russian games are not strong. Neither is my Asian-Latino game. So forgive the lack of names there, and I do take suggestions (especially if they come with great movie recommendations~~~).

All below listed by seniority~


  • Carina Lau (劉嘉玲, Dec08’65 [50])
  • Gong Li (巩俐, Dec31’65 [50])
  • Zhou Xun (周迅, Oct18’74 [41])
  • Zhao Wei (赵薇, Mar12’76 [39])


  • Kwai Lun Mei (桂綸鎂, Dec25’83 [32])


  • Lee Hyori (이효리, May10’79 [36])
  • Doona Bae (배두나, Oct11’79 [36])
  • Min Hyorin (민효린, Feb05’86 [30]) [rule broken]
  • Son GaIn (손가인, Sep20’87 [28])


  • Shiina Ringo (椎名林檎, Nov25’78 [37])
  • Yu Aoi (蒼井優, Aug17’85 [30]) [bias spotted] xD
  • Meisa Kuroki (黒木メイサ, May28’88 [27]) [rule broken]


  • Dimple Kapadia (Jan08’57 [58])
  • Madhuri Dixit (May15’67 [48])
  • Tabu (Nov04’71 [44]) [bias spotted] xD
  • Shweta Menon (Apr23’74 [41]) [rule broken]
  • Rani Mukerji (Mar21’78 [37])
  • Konkona Sen Sharma (Dec03’79 [36])

General observations~ I think there’s something for everyone. Single eyelids, big eyes, double eyelids, long hair, short hair, dark skin (though you can’t really tell there with Gong Li, Zhou Xun, Tabu, Rani and Hyori), super pale (Shiina Ringo, Doona Bae and GaIn). All super talented… generally xD~

Despite some of the most eye-roll-worthy issues of Women in China, they do take their female superstars seriously. Sylvia Chang (at 62 years old) is still a major player and Ann Hui (best female filmmaker at 68) is still strong– Carina Lau and Gong Li still feature strongly on fashion magazines in flawless shoots~ Much harder to see high fashion photoshoots of women +40 in Korea, Japan and specially India. I didn’t find a single current flawless high fashion photoshoot of Dimple Kapadia, and she’s beautiful. You can even see it through the ‘voluptuous’ padding in Finding Fanny xD

It’s unfair that Madhuri Dixit’s peak was in Devdas, there are no more stunning images of her than in that movie. Her and Rani, those smiles are killer.

I’ve only seen Shweta Menon in a couple of films, but she’s got a really REALLY gorgeous face.

3 responses to Off the Great Wall: Most Beautiful Asian Female Celebrities

  1. Good choices! Zhou Xun is in her forties? And Ga In is older than me? whoa

    • SHE IS! She’s a goal to aspire for when you reach your forties xD – I remember when I had just discovered BEG, I thought GaIn looked the same age as JeA, Miryo and Narsha, so I was really surprised she’s younger than me. Her styling always matched theirs, so maybe that’s why… Similar to the members of SunnyHill. It’s just now that everyone in Kpop seem like a baby xD a sign that I’m getting older.

      And Min Hyorin is my spirit animal. lol Same listed birthday xD though there is one another date listed missed by a couple of weeks only.

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