Looking Back on 18 of the 20 to Watch~

October 21, 2009 — Leave a comment

So~~~ we are very close to actually reveal who will be on the #1 spots of the Actors and Actresses to keep watching until they turn 30. I haven’t had much feedback on it, but the posts seem popular.

When I first started the list, I felt like I was effing it up with the guys. I know there are a lot of great young actors out there, but I’ve never truly felt a connection the way I kind of fuzz over with some of the actresses on my list. However, now that we are almost over, I feel like both lists are pretty good — I would really want your opinion though.

Another part of this interesting process was coming up with The Ten 20 to Watch that Didn’t Make it. I think working on it also proved how difficult it was for me to come up with actors names. While I had actresses names to spare for that list, I thought it was difficult to come up with just 5 names.

During the making of these many posts, I also noticed how complicated it was to find any real GOOD photo of the young actors. Are we so obsessed with the photos of the young and beautiful ladies that we don’t bother photographing guys? It’s so easy to come across a photoshoot of almost all the girls on my list (except Ines Efron and Sandrine Pinna — whose picture I, by the way, confused wtih some other actress. LOL) but it’s nearly impossible to come across an unwatermarked good photograph in good resolution of at least 50% of the guys.

Also, did you notice that I added actors that I don’t like? It was such a bizarre experience to talk about them without wanting to talk about them. Emile Hirsch I could deal with, because at least I watch his films… but Shia? I was shocked that I couldn’t find someone I really liked to take his place.

Maybe that should mean that I should stop watching so much television, and listen less music to focus a little more on films. I should be able to find someone, right? Talented and charismatic? Someone whom you actually feel like supporting through and through?

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