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I just found the most awesome tool for all Jap noobs (and lazy peeps) out there like me.

Rikaichan by polarcloud is a Firefox Add-on that lets you check out the meaning of a word in Japanese by just hovering over it. [9Mb Video Sample] – it’s just so easy to install… and that’s why Firefox uber kicks IE’s blue butt. Just install the first main extension, install ONE of the dictionaries, and if you wish to install the name dictionaries. The dictionary install were the heavy stuff, the NameDic being 11Mb, but it’s okay…

Hope you enjoy this useful tool!.

Just been having too much fun singing these Hawaiian lyrics, so I’d better just post the lyrics here. LOL’ Has any of you tried singing in Hawaiian? Pronunciation is pretty much like in Japanese when you read Romaji, I think… You know like “Mahalo”, which is for thanking would be pronounced MAH-HA-LO, HA as in Japanese “Hajimemashite” and MAH as in “Matsuri”… I guess it’s way easier for Spanish speakers because our vowels A-E-I-O-U sound exactly the same, unlike English.

The only difference I’ve noticed is “W” which is pronounced like “V”, I think… oh, and all those apostrophes hahaha. Anyway, I leave you with the lyrics for He Mele No Lilo and Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride.

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Films Seen 2008!

May 15, 2008 — 1 Comment

Crossed some films on my “Want to See” list. Continue Reading…

Just got back from watching a screening of the newest Narnia flick, and let me tell you, I enjoyed watching The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, but this one is far more better than that. Sure, purist might be a little ticked off by switching lines from characters to characters, but I’m telling you that I enjoyed Caspian a whole lot more.

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Just read Lainey’s Gossip. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA. You all must read it!

People can’t tell Asians apart.

Believe it or not, we Asians don’t all have grandmas called Mrs Wong.

Funny. But I did! I never met my Grandma Wong, but I did have one. LOL’

Talk to Asians, and they will tell you all black people look the same… or white people. The funniest thing, Bi (Rain), the biggest star in Korea… almost topping the TIME poll of Most Influentials, and People messes it up.

There are people that meet my mom and my aunt, thinking they look exactly the same, when in reality they don’t even seem related. On the other hand, when we went to China, no one related them. My mom looks more like she’d be Malaysian, or Thai… or Vietnamese. My aunt, she looks like Yoko Ono. Word. She looks so much like Yoko that even a group of Japanese tourists asked her if she was… and we were on our way to Helsinki from Stockholm. She looks that much like her.