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It’s been a while… but Harmony, why must you be this way? 3P

I’m still on strike, but not to say I’m not trying to sneak into this one. Part I of the END. O.O I didn’t like HP6, and I won’t like HP7.1 LOL but I still feel it will tug my heart’s strings.

Bring it!

Who does it better?

Mirume/En-chan? or Domoto/En-chan?

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So I started re-watching Mysterious Ways the past week. It’s hilarious how I can’t get away from Harmony, ever. The other day was too much that I went back to PK to talk about it xD “ships that remind you of Harmony” xD It’s funny how I never noticed how I shipped Declan and Miranda.

Declan is a total adventurer dork. Miranda is a super intelligent goth. I love them together. And they totally flirted, at least Miranda did… xD but that episode, man! The Greater Good episode~~~

*swoon!* Swoon not that Miranda almost died, LOL’ xD But *swoon* how Declan put Miranda ahead of all humanity~~~ He had the chance of curing and saving everyone in the world, and he chose her. xD And she woke up, even though we knew that Miranda didn’t want to be resuscitated, and she saw him. She grabbed his hand, and didn’t want to let go. I loved it! xD – You’ll love it too~~~

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It’s Mysterious Ways!

August 27, 2009 — 1 Comment

The year, 2000… I think.

Mysterious Ways - Season 1 - Title

Anyway, for any fans of the shows, I just found the torrent for Mysterious Ways, that Canadian (probably shot on Vancouver) show with Adrian Pasdar (who is now married to Natalie Maines from the Dixie Chicks) with Rae Dawn Chong (who my mother refuses to believe is Chinese, LOL) and Alisen Down (playing the geeky and awkward Miranda) – by the by, I’m pretty sure I was a Declan/Miranda kinda shipper… ~ I’m telling you, it’s all about the geek.

Also, don’t mind the title sequence. It’s a really REALLY bad title sequence, super 90’s and cheese~ xD

Anyway, I’m posting the links to the torrents because there are no DVDs… I doubt there will be any releases since it’s such a tiny show… and Canadian. Canadian programming sucks when it comes to releasing on DVD.

It’s a little over 15Gb for both seasons, but it’s worth it if you want the show. Remember, the show getting a DVD release it’s a long shot. Better download while you can. And if the torrent goes dead (and there are still no DVD releases), you can leave a message to request re-seed.

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Though I sweared to myself that I wouldn’t dish money to watch HP6 for obvious shipping reasons, and my not enjoying Hp6 and HP7. UMPH! – I’ve been tempted, I must admit… these past few days to actually go and check it out. Anyway!

I have made up my mind! – thanks to this

I ain’t going… I ain’t dishing my money. Maybe my time…
who knows~ depends on the time LOL
maybe soon, maybe on cable…

Obviously press get press screenings, so they can review it and properly fuzz about the film. It’s usually an invitation, you go to a certain time and place to watch it, maybe discuss it… enjoy it, and write about it telling everyone to go watch it, or just dismiss it.

It’s commonly known that you’re not to bring your cameras… or camera cellphones (?? what for, can you really record decent footage long enough in a cellphone?) – whatever. It’s just insulting to know that you’re invited somewhere but BEWARE, you will be arrested if you’re seen breaking the rules. ARRESTED! Doesn’t the police force have other things to do????

Why bother then to invite someone if you are already thinking he/she will be ripping your movie off? Are we in the assumption that all guests are there to record your movie?

In any case, I doubt CAM film versions come out of Peru, so not much need to fuzz over it at the moment. They are usually fromo outside… and I doubt CAMs are press screening made. And even then, maybe a nice “this is a screener” text would suffice.

Dr. Koto's Clinic

I began watching Dr. Koto’s Clinic – well, kind of for obvious reasons – Anyhoo~ I decided to begin watching from the very beginning. To tell you the truth, I was about to give up watching the whole show (first season) once or twice… but the little kids and the whole blood donating episode kept me going. Takehiro-kun was sooooo cute. LOL’ (and he was also on Yoshitsune xD)

I was teary, once or twice… I’m a sap, people should know by now. I love crying, but it’s got to be a good cry~~~ my favorite episode was the one with Aki-ojii – even though the episode titles were… well, a little blunt. It was a great episode dealing with death in a pretty realistic way. I was tired of so many successful operations to be frank.

Acting was pretty good, though there were times I couldn’t stand some characters (including Dr. Koto/Goto (Hidetaka Yoshioka) himself, lol), but that’s hardly an acting problem, and more of a character thing – I loved Ayaka (Kou Shibasaki), though. Especially when she begins realizing she’s falling for the doctor. She’s pretty hilarious, and at the same time she can break your heart. Like when Rika (Ayumi Ito) comes back, and Ayaka tells Dr. Koto how the both of them used to make boys cry. LOL’

All characters had their moment though, so I’m looking forward to the Specials… as well as Season 2.

Anyway, why Harmony, you would wonder? It’s because I can’t seem to get away from my first official ship. No matter what the series is, what the movie is… it always gets a Harmony comparison.
I love it and hate it.

Ayaka is a balancing force to Dr. Koto, while Saki knows who Goto is as a doctor, he has to prove himself with Ayaka to show her the real him, and she gets to see this of him. She’s not fuzzing over the Dr. who’s come to the island, but she’s flustered for the caring and kind man he is. Ayaka is always by Goto’s side, even when everyone believed the news article, Ayaka stood by him (alongside Wada-san) – can’t get more Trio than that. LOL

She takes a hit when Saki comes to visit, and all the guys fuzz about this doctor with short hair that looks like a model or an air-hostess… and even a bigger blow when people start saying Dr. Koto might marry Saki because they have a kid together. LOL’ Oh the rumors! xD Poor Ayaka, people think she stands no chance against Saki, she is after all just a plain island nurse, but she hangs in there. And that one scene almost by the end, when Ayaka realizes Goto is in the boat, and then he sees her – UGH, it’s exactly like that walking down the stairs and all I see is you thing. *sighs* but Koto’s totally daft, and she’s just content he’s back.

Awww… you know~~ Before I was all Harry Potter Shipping crazed, before I learned what the heck shipping meant… and before I knew there were people in communities supporting these ‘ships’ – I had Harrison John and Sam McPherson.

I’m still hung up on them. I still die for Christopher Gorham – woah… long crush much? it’s been nearly 10 years hahaha – and I still hunt films (and shows) with Carly Pope, but I still catch any project Popular-related~~ xD

But looking back… you see Harrison/Brooke~~~ and listening to the audio commentaries – Ryan Murphy does say that Harrison picks Brooke people – it’s time to face it~~~ After re-watching the show you see they do build them up, but still… there’s still part of me that wanted Harrison and Sam to happen. *sighs*

Then there’s that~~~ Sam’s a lesbian. Say what? I can’t recall THAT being mentioned on the dvds… can’t be certain, but I’ll trust the internet this time around, and say it. Anyway, I remember reading a REALLY great awesome script-format fanfiction posted on Geocities (which, by the way… it’s closing! I feel ancient~~~), and it was sooooo great. It began on Harrison’s choice, and focused on Harrison’s relationship with Brooke (steamy much? if I recall correctly) and also with Sam. Man, I should look that up once again and save it before Geocities is gone~~~

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with these Harrison/Sam videos~~~
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Remembering Harmony

March 28, 2009 — 3 Comments

I was looking for some photographs on my backups, and ran into this piece – which I had uploaded to DeviantArt before it was taken down by them. SUCKY. – Anyway, this wallpaper/fanart… though some weird color (which I named ‘acid’ and was feature on my blog back in the day…) is one of my favorite Harmony fanart.

So I thought I’d share this… loved Harmony back in PoA. Best Harmony. By the way, have you guys seen the HP6 trailer? I promised I won’t go to the theater or dish my money to JK, but that trailer I saw gave me a fuzzy feeling *sighs* reminded me of Harmony coincidentally~~~


Harry Potter - H+Hr - Harmony - Their Looks

LOL’ What is it? The Whip Ship. Love it. xD

I just saw a glimpse of season9 of CSI on the TV, and it turned out to be Lady Heather leaving Grissom, and him telling her to stay. I haven’t watched CSI for what feels like ages~~~ Perhaps my last proper episode was the last season with Lady Heather (season7)~ xD But you know, I also saw the one with Sara and the bye-bye to Warrick, but that’s been on and off really…

Just a few days ago, I was about to swear off shipping, haha. Really, I had lost most giddiness which comes with being a shipper, but just seeing a glimpse of Lady Heather back and a share scene with Grissom makes me giddy! Just in time!!! Right?

I’ve always sort of followed Catherine/Grissom, over Sara/Grissom – mainly because there was a time where I just couldn’t stand Sara’s self-righteousness… and despite Lady Heather/Grissom’s slim chances, I’ve always had a thing for them together~~~ Even if they appeared to have reunited under some shady circumstances (Grissom sad over his relationship with Sara), anyway~ I’ll take any giddy at the moment!

Let’s hope for more Lady Heather… eh~~~ even if Petersen is not on CSI any longer…

I know you’re there… the Sholly posts keep getting hits, and they are only 2nd to that Child Actors post I made a while back. LOL’

So stop the lurkin’ already, and comment a little…

We just saw Ep06, and we’re just two weeks away from finishing this exasperating season, but hey! You saw that photo of Molly, right? The one Shane was developing… you loved it, right? ‘Coz everytime there’s a glimps of Clementine Ford in one of the latest episodes, Sholly searches spike a little. As do Katherine Moennig and Clementine searches~~

Some may think that cheating is catching up to Shane, and that’s what made her sick. I, on the other hand, think Jenny is wack. She totally did something to Shane, hahaha. And if she didn’t, well… that ‘good’ gesture she did by giving Shane the Photo Studio – that totally smells to ‘strings attached’. And Shane’s totally trapped.

Screencaps after the break.

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