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It’s been a while… but Harmony, why must you be this way? 3P

I’m still on strike, but not to say I’m not trying to sneak into this one. Part I of the END. O.O I didn’t like HP6, and I won’t like HP7.1 LOL but I still feel it will tug my heart’s strings.

Bring it!

Who does it better?

Mirume/En-chan? or Domoto/En-chan?

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So I started re-watching Mysterious Ways the past week. It’s hilarious how I can’t get away from Harmony, ever. The other day was too much that I went back to PK to talk about it xD “ships that remind you of Harmony” xD It’s funny how I never noticed how I shipped Declan and Miranda.

Declan is a total adventurer dork. Miranda is a super intelligent goth. I love them together. And they totally flirted, at least Miranda did… xD but that episode, man! The Greater Good episode~~~

*swoon!* Swoon not that Miranda almost died, LOL’ xD But *swoon* how Declan put Miranda ahead of all humanity~~~ He had the chance of curing and saving everyone in the world, and he chose her. xD And she woke up, even though we knew that Miranda didn’t want to be resuscitated, and she saw him. She grabbed his hand, and didn’t want to let go. I loved it! xD – You’ll love it too~~~

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It’s Mysterious Ways!

August 27, 2009 — 1 Comment

The year, 2000… I think.

Mysterious Ways - Season 1 - Title

Anyway, for any fans of the shows, I just found the torrent for Mysterious Ways, that Canadian (probably shot on Vancouver) show with Adrian Pasdar (who is now married to Natalie Maines from the Dixie Chicks) with Rae Dawn Chong (who my mother refuses to believe is Chinese, LOL) and Alisen Down (playing the geeky and awkward Miranda) – by the by, I’m pretty sure I was a Declan/Miranda kinda shipper… ~ I’m telling you, it’s all about the geek.

Also, don’t mind the title sequence. It’s a really REALLY bad title sequence, super 90’s and cheese~ xD

Anyway, I’m posting the links to the torrents because there are no DVDs… I doubt there will be any releases since it’s such a tiny show… and Canadian. Canadian programming sucks when it comes to releasing on DVD.

It’s a little over 15Gb for both seasons, but it’s worth it if you want the show. Remember, the show getting a DVD release it’s a long shot. Better download while you can. And if the torrent goes dead (and there are still no DVD releases), you can leave a message to request re-seed.

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Though I sweared to myself that I wouldn’t dish money to watch HP6 for obvious shipping reasons, and my not enjoying Hp6 and HP7. UMPH! – I’ve been tempted, I must admit… these past few days to actually go and check it out. Anyway!

I have made up my mind! – thanks to this

I ain’t going… I ain’t dishing my money. Maybe my time…
who knows~ depends on the time LOL
maybe soon, maybe on cable…

Obviously press get press screenings, so they can review it and properly fuzz about the film. It’s usually an invitation, you go to a certain time and place to watch it, maybe discuss it… enjoy it, and write about it telling everyone to go watch it, or just dismiss it.

It’s commonly known that you’re not to bring your cameras… or camera cellphones (?? what for, can you really record decent footage long enough in a cellphone?) – whatever. It’s just insulting to know that you’re invited somewhere but BEWARE, you will be arrested if you’re seen breaking the rules. ARRESTED! Doesn’t the police force have other things to do????

Why bother then to invite someone if you are already thinking he/she will be ripping your movie off? Are we in the assumption that all guests are there to record your movie?

In any case, I doubt CAM film versions come out of Peru, so not much need to fuzz over it at the moment. They are usually fromo outside… and I doubt CAMs are press screening made. And even then, maybe a nice “this is a screener” text would suffice.