Lady Heather/Grissom, Be Still my Heart~~

March 9, 2009 — Leave a comment

LOL’ What is it? The Whip Ship. Love it. xD

I just saw a glimpse of season9 of CSI on the TV, and it turned out to be Lady Heather leaving Grissom, and him telling her to stay. I haven’t watched CSI for what feels like ages~~~ Perhaps my last proper episode was the last season with Lady Heather (season7)~ xD But you know, I also saw the one with Sara and the bye-bye to Warrick, but that’s been on and off really…

Just a few days ago, I was about to swear off shipping, haha. Really, I had lost most giddiness which comes with being a shipper, but just seeing a glimpse of Lady Heather back and a share scene with Grissom makes me giddy! Just in time!!! Right?

I’ve always sort of followed Catherine/Grissom, over Sara/Grissom – mainly because there was a time where I just couldn’t stand Sara’s self-righteousness… and despite Lady Heather/Grissom’s slim chances, I’ve always had a thing for them together~~~ Even if they appeared to have reunited under some shady circumstances (Grissom sad over his relationship with Sara), anyway~ I’ll take any giddy at the moment!

Let’s hope for more Lady Heather… eh~~~ even if Petersen is not on CSI any longer…

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