Remembering Harmony

March 28, 2009 — 3 Comments

I was looking for some photographs on my backups, and ran into this piece – which I had uploaded to DeviantArt before it was taken down by them. SUCKY. – Anyway, this wallpaper/fanart… though some weird color (which I named ‘acid’ and was feature on my blog back in the day…) is one of my favorite Harmony fanart.

So I thought I’d share this… loved Harmony back in PoA. Best Harmony. By the way, have you guys seen the HP6 trailer? I promised I won’t go to the theater or dish my money to JK, but that trailer I saw gave me a fuzzy feeling *sighs* reminded me of Harmony coincidentally~~~


Harry Potter - H+Hr - Harmony - Their Looks

3 responses to Remembering Harmony

  1. *sob* MY SHIP!!!!!
    I wonder if one can sue JK for emotional distress….
    Yes I saw the trailer and my nerdy HP heart flutters with joy but I will and can not see the Harry/Ginny stuff. I JUST CAN’T!!! It hurts too much dude, so so much…..

  2. but Hermione snapping Harry out of it, love that! Faintly reminded me of Hermione slapping Harry’s hand when he tried touching the time-turner *le gasp* I had to google to check if it’s the name O.O

    I’m forgetting my HP.

  3. I am also forgetting, when my ship died my madness for the fandom in total died with it….

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