Harmony, Why Are You so Cruel?

September 4, 2010 — 4 Comments

It’s been a while… but Harmony, why must you be this way? 3P

I’m still on strike, but not to say I’m not trying to sneak into this one. Part I of the END. O.O I didn’t like HP6, and I won’t like HP7.1 LOL but I still feel it will tug my heart’s strings.

4 responses to Harmony, Why Are You so Cruel?

  1. I know what you mean!

    I spent most of my teens sqeeing for H/H. There were just so perfect for each other.

    Then poof, out came book six.

    I still love the both thought (Especially Hermione)

    Long Live Harmony!

  2. TT__TT
    DAMN U JK ROWLING!!! *shakes angry fist*

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