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1000 Days of Xiami

October 10, 2016 — 1 Comment

I’m about to clock 1000 days on Xiami logins xD


Sad for this excitement, I know. LOL But I get obsessive-compulsive over these things easily. I took a screen grab because I don’t know whether the count will reset to zero or continue. Back in March when I went to Japan, I told my friend to login for me, so I don’t lose my clocked days, and there was a weird bug that made the counter go back to zero, so we thought for a while that it was done. A couple of days later, it went back to normal :P

I’ve been using Xiami for a lot longer, of course. And gone are the days when you could find everything on the site for stream and download :P Though you can still find stuff and download, it’s often the case when albums are empty. Recently, Xiami has taken to just be able to stream music (which is better than having blank albums), without download capabilities— Faye Wong’s most recent track is only available for stream, so you gotta find it elsewhere if you want it. The site is still a great source for Chinese music, especially from the independent scene. However, now Xiami-approved artists are allowed to mark their music as only-Mi tracks, meaning that you have to have Xiami credit on your account and not download music from your VIP free-tracks perk or use your red envelopes (points).

Having said that~~~ I have like +500 points (you get points for single days and months counted, albums added and music shared, etc.) and haven’t used them in so long. What the heck~ What are the perks of the VIP account if you still gotta pay for the Chinese music that you download; at least make it so that you use twice or thrice the # of downloads for those.

I still haven’t figured out what the note reputation is (eg. Re*), but I’m just a few hundred away from reaching the other level. Increasing my stars is a little trickier because English reviews don’t get as many likes or comments. lol

Also~ OMO! 1000 days on the 10 of 10. xD

Yup, once again~

Back in 2010, the YAM Magazine website was launched officially— it was my grandpa’s 5th death anniversary. Today, it’s his 10th year anniversary… also it’s the 5th YAM web anniversary! Numerology galore~~~

Anyway~ I posted my 2015 music highlights~ early, once again. There were a few albums of my biases, but most of these picks are new people I’ve begun following this year. So… happy listening!


You know Jackie Chan’s upcoming movie, Chinese Zodiac (十二生肖) [Trailer], which has so much numerology~~~ twelve signs, opening on December 12 of 2012. And you know Jackie Chan is best-buds with Leehom [1] … so much so that Jackie smooches Leehom for fun, so Leehom is apparently doing the main song for the movie because this song is titled like the movie.

It’s so chinked-out. Reminiscent of his The 18 Martial Arts album, which I have already gotten accustomed to. I kinda love the song, not a solid 4/5, but possibly close to it at first few listens.

This week has been hell. You have no idea about the things that’s been happening around… and the scary thing is that all the stuff has had to do with the number 4.

As you may or not know [1][2], for the past couple of years… the number 4 has been my super unlucky number. I don’t know if it’s superstition and that gets me really bad vibes, but bad things happen to me when I see too many number 4s. It started a couple of years ago, right around the time when this bad thing came into our life that I began noticing number 4, coincidentally.

I would normally be working on the computer like I always do, or maybe go warm something up in the microwave — I don’t think I ever took noticed, but a couple of years ago, I did. And I was surrounded by 4s… multiple 4s all around me. Whenever I saw a watch or a clock, it would be either 4am, 4.44am (THE WORSE), or maybe it would be 4pm, but my experience was almost always at night time.

Maybe I would be zapping channels and just at 4am, I would go over channel 44 just by chance. I would get a file that would be 44Kb or maybe even worse…. 444Kb or 4.44Mb. A song that would last 4.44min or an image file that would turn 444px wide. Small things like that~

I never really took it as anything important… it might have just been coincidence and my brain freaking me out. But, really, a REALLY BAD THING came into our lives when this began happening to me. And like I told you, this week was hell for me. And I just noticed a brand new 4 that matches with the timeline when things went down hill this week. My posting number. I’m on my way to hitting my proper 444 post on the magazine… but before the weekend began, I hit my 44th page of posts. Sh!t hit the fan this weekend.

I need to write 6 posts so I can get passed that 44th page. SOON.

You can’t sh!t around numerology. This thing is dead serious.

You know I’m a numerology buff – bizarre, because I really hate math… or should I say, math was my worse course at school especially in my last two years of high school. But somehow, I like numerology. I think it’s because I don’t need to understand it, I just need to ponder.

We’re not talking about what it really means. We just wonder what it could be…

In theory, the number 10 does not exist – because it turns into a 1. However, also in theory… you could separate it like 1 and 0, thus having two numbers. xD Sure, you can get 10 by summing different numbers like 4 and 6, 3 and 7, or two 5s… right? But all those numbers sum up to 10, and then become 1 once again. Does that mean that the 10 is a whole number? It’s complete? It brings the harmony?

Harmony! xD

The 1 and 0 are opposites – but it’s not like opposites attract. Suck it! We’re talking about opposites, as in Yin and Yang – which in the end are two different halves of one whole.

And talking about Julz and your fanfic thesis – my final had also kinda to do with fandom. LOL

Harmony final!! xD Such an old video pimp ~~~

And you know, YAM Trivia!!!!!

The YAM Website’s opening on 15.12.10, which summing up (1+5+1+2+1) turns to 10, which turns to 1 – a whole! LOL While December 15th 2010 also marks my grandpa’s 5th anniversary of passing. Yup, it all has a meaning, people~~~

First, Bibi (who loves David Tao, and now shares record company with)
Then Seo Taiji~~~
Now turns out David Tao’s about to release a new album called Opus 69-
I’m lacking the oxygen to process any spazz~

Three years in the waiting!! LOL

David Tao - Opus 69

And I love the almost pretentious name explanation, Ha!

David Tao comes back with his new album in three years titled Opus 69. The number in the title references a number of things, among which is that it’s the singer-songwriter’s 6th album and 9th CD. Besides, David was born in the summer of ’69, and the symbol of his zodiac sign, Cancer, resembles “69”. Moreover, in the ancient text of I-Ching, 6 and 9 symbolize “change” and “rebirth”, and the numbers when pronounced in Japanese are similar to “rock”, which is what this highly anticipated album is about!

Damn! Check out the pre-orders in YesAsia.

Have you noticed I’m very Chinese at the moment? xD

Me in Numerology~

June 16, 2009 — 2 Comments

Someone I know did one of those silly FB test application things on numerology, which made me revisit mine. As you probably know, I did a bit of numerology back in my fandom years – which was pretty accurate, if I may say so~

Anyway, here is mine as a quick result ;)
with links after the break, so you can quickie check yours too~

Continue Reading…


I did my fair bit of numerology back in my days… let me look for it. Here you go… LOL~~~ Pumpkin Pie Arithmancy & Numerology. But then JK released someone’s ‘real’ bdate and totally screw me over. Hahaha.

Anyway~ why is 3 a magical number now? Well, because I’ve noticed from here and my FB account that in a good month (of either subject)… I do 3 posts of that subject. 3 posts a month of Meme’ing… or 3 posts a month of Yu Aoi film discussion. LOL

According to Indian Numerology, 3 is dynamic, cheerful, skilled, creative, artistic, happy go lucky~~~ LOL

Commonly, though… 3s are communication, interaction… neutrality.

In Chinese numerology… or ideology, 3 is live. xD

Awww… I think I might miss this numerology stuff, even though I hate math. *sighs*

Anyway~~~ in case you have read this either, follow this crazy Number 31.

Stupid Random Post!

April 26, 2009 — Leave a comment

This is post 44 of the month!! Hahahaha~~ I’ve matched the months of Feb’09 (end of award season) and Nov’08 (nearly beginning of award season), both with 44 posts a month. xD As you may, or not may have noticed~~~ I have been trying to post once a day (at least) – in order to make it ‘more active’ – but still, only my friends seem to comment, even though there is an increase of visits. *sighs*

Participate, people!

And if you are a fan of Yu Aoi… or hmm, Award Season- subscribe. Up there on the right of the screen… social me.

You’ll get to add me to your Google Reader or Page, or your Yahoo page~~ you’ll help me on web rankings, and you’ll get the latest news (because I’ll be doing all the work) on your RSS reader. And hopefully you’ll be “ad”ing those “clicks” –oh no I didn’t– Yes, I did? I need some money… so those clicks are gold. Hopefully that PR/cherry won’t screw me over~


Well, now I’m pretty tired~

Oh, yeah! I finished working on some photos I took just hours ago~ of Hayabiki. A Japanese/Peruvian… or Nikkei/Nissei group of JPop/JRock. Seems pretty big. I checked their mySpace (won’t link to it ‘coz it’s pretty empty), and they seemed more interested in fusioning Okinawan music with Rock, which I could dig more than Jpop/Jrock~ tsk tsk.

John (the lead singer) is pretty cool though.

Well, this post turned out not so stupid ;)

The Number 31!

May 17, 2007 — 2 Comments

Lol, I saw The Number 23 – and even though it was not a very good movie, I still had to go to the imdb and vote! – I’ve been checking out the boards, and found a topic about some number 23 ‘freaky’ stuff. Well, mine seems to be The Number 31! Lol xD

Check this out, IMDB ID for Number 23 was 481369:
4 + 8 + 1 + 3 + 6 + 9 = 31

The sum of my birthdate is:
x = 31

The ID number for the post I was reading of ‘freaky’ stuff was 65785739 page 35:
6 + 5 + 7 + 8 + 5 +7 + 3 + 9 + 3 + 5 = 58… 5 + 8 = 13 <- 31 reversed.

Today’s date is May 17, 2007 – 17052007:
17 + 5 + 2 +7 = 31 or 17 + 5 + 2007 = 2029… 2 + 2 + 9 = 13 <- 31 reversed.

Will maybe continue doing this crazy later, lol – I’m going to bed now.


Edit with more 31s.

I couldn’t sleep well last night. I saw the clock, and it was 5:31
The sum of my phone number is = 31
I was scoring videos for a competition for two categories. One of the averages was 7.45 and the other 6.45 – 7 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 4 + 5 = 31