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April 26, 2009 — Leave a comment

This is post 44 of the month!! Hahahaha~~ I’ve matched the months of Feb’09 (end of award season) and Nov’08 (nearly beginning of award season), both with 44 posts a month. xD As you may, or not may have noticed~~~ I have been trying to post once a day (at least) – in order to make it ‘more active’ – but still, only my friends seem to comment, even though there is an increase of visits. *sighs*

Participate, people!

And if you are a fan of Yu Aoi… or hmm, Award Season- subscribe. Up there on the right of the screen… social me.

You’ll get to add me to your Google Reader or Page, or your Yahoo page~~ you’ll help me on web rankings, and you’ll get the latest news (because I’ll be doing all the work) on your RSS reader. And hopefully you’ll be “ad”ing those “clicks” –oh no I didn’t– Yes, I did? I need some money… so those clicks are gold. Hopefully that PR/cherry won’t screw me over~


Well, now I’m pretty tired~

Oh, yeah! I finished working on some photos I took just hours ago~ of Hayabiki. A Japanese/Peruvian… or Nikkei/Nissei group of JPop/JRock. Seems pretty big. I checked their mySpace (won’t link to it ‘coz it’s pretty empty), and they seemed more interested in fusioning Okinawan music with Rock, which I could dig more than Jpop/Jrock~ tsk tsk.

John (the lead singer) is pretty cool though.

Well, this post turned out not so stupid ;)

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