3 is a Magical Number

May 11, 2009 — Leave a comment


I did my fair bit of numerology back in my days… let me look for it. Here you go… LOL~~~ Pumpkin Pie Arithmancy & Numerology. But then JK released someone’s ‘real’ bdate and totally screw me over. Hahaha.

Anyway~ why is 3 a magical number now? Well, because I’ve noticed from here and my FB account that in a good month (of either subject)… I do 3 posts of that subject. 3 posts a month of Meme’ing… or 3 posts a month of Yu Aoi film discussion. LOL

According to Indian Numerology, 3 is dynamic, cheerful, skilled, creative, artistic, happy go lucky~~~ LOL

Commonly, though… 3s are communication, interaction… neutrality.

In Chinese numerology… or ideology, 3 is live. xD

Awww… I think I might miss this numerology stuff, even though I hate math. *sighs*

Anyway~~~ in case you have read this either, follow this crazy Number 31.

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