AfterEllen Top East-Asian Suggestions 2010

May 18, 2010 — 28 Comments

Okay, I took a WHOLE lot more time on getting names for this list, because apparently I am not knowledgeable enough in female actresses and well singers from Asia as I first though… also made their annual list of Hot 100 2010 [as well as Top Women of Color, Top Out Women, Top Women over 40], only they made it backwards, so I’m linking you to their last page, and you’re going to have to work your way backwards… Ovbiously, I thought AfterElton worked better because I took the time to look through it more than once to make sure I wasn’t missing anyone.

Tips for a better list for AfterEllen:

  • Start from #100
  • Point out with arrows who’s going up or down in positions, and who’s a new entry.

And really? No Asians on your list?

Not that I don’t appreciate the likes of Alicia Keys, Jennifer Beals, Cate Blanchett, Julianne Moore, Anne Hathaway, Natalie Portman, the girls from Glee (Cheerios plus Rachel, woah that’s bizarre xD), Meryl (who doesn’t need a last name), Rachel Weisz, Amanda Seyfried (even though the things that are coming out of her mouth lately), Christina Hendricks, Tina Fey, Penelope Cruz, Jodie Foster, Rachel McAdams, the whole cast of The L Word… right? Pink, Emily Blunt, Kate Winslet, Ellen Page, all whom often make appearances on this blog. And to top it with Olivia Wilde…

but then again… no Asians?

So me, barely scraping made a list of Top East-Asians that you might want to consider for future editions of your Hot 100. I would also offer a weekly/monthly (a la my AfterElton offer), but I don’t think I’m as knowledgeable in this area. I could try pimping Asian talents on a monthly basis if you want xD

Okay… once again, in no particular order.

1. Hyori Lee (31)

Okay, maybe you don’t know her per se, but I’m so sure she’s totally your cup of tea. Hyori is what Britney Spears would have been if she were a tough cookie. Because let me tell you, Hyori has a strong character, you can tell for the way her older male peers respect her. However, it isn’t just because she is hot as hell, because older people [just check her out on Family Outing] also think highly of her. I mean, there’s no compliment bigger in Asia when someone’s parents tell you you’d be the perfect girl for their son.

Hyori is independent, sassy, but also manages to be shy! [You may want to squeeze her] You would think her stage persona is what makes her shine as the sexy pop idol, but it’s actually her personality on shows like Family Outing, and her interviews wearing slacks and baggy clothes when she shines the most [FO Clip][Comedy Show Clip].

2. Maggie Cheung (45)

Maggie Cheung, in Hong Kong and China… and maybe some specific parts of Europe, is considered a screen legend already. She was probably last on American theaters when the film Ashes of Time Redux by Wong Kar-wai was re-released in 2008. She was also supposed to be on Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds, but her scenes were deleted.

It is unlikely that her return to Chinese screens (she retired after winning Best Actress at Cannes in 2004) will be seen outside Asia, but in case you are wondering… it was a very big event among her fans to wait for the release of Hot Summer Days.

28 responses to AfterEllen Top East-Asian Suggestions 2010

  1. they’re cute but where are all the other asian girls?? Asia doesn’t just consist of light skinned, east asian girls

  2. Hi, Keke. From what other parts of Asia? You mean Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, and other South East, North Asia, Central Asia, South West Asia, and South Asia countries? This is an East Asia suggestion list, which according to Wiki constitutes Mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, Taiwan, Mongolia, South Korea and North Korea.

    The only ones missing from here would be Mongolian, Macau… and okay, N.Korean performers, but I’m not really aware of Mongolian or Macau artists (and I don’t think N.Korean performers get much publicity outside) – though Isabella Leong was born in Macau, and was on lesbian-themed Spider Lilies with Taiwanese Rainie Yang, so they could have maybe been included… but alas, I haven’t seen that film, so they totally slipped my mind.

    Mind you, this post took me hours to write, and it was well past 3 in the morning when it hit the net. The llist only includes people from the entertainment industry who perform as television/film actors or singers, and preferably who have had work displayed on American theaters or televisions… because, I thought they needed to be a reason why they would include them on AfterEllen, and well… because this is an entertainment ramblings site, and that’s my thing. LOL

    I knew the implications of suggesting “Asians” and I knew that I was lacking in knowledge of names to suggest in regards of everything else, so it was a conscious decision of me to call this “East Asian” instead. Hope you do understand that.

    Anyway, you are welcomed to come up with a suggestion list, with a write-up on each of your suggestion’s accomplishments in entertainment.

  3. Yes!! 20, 30, 40 did has a lesbian story line! Angelica Lee Sin Jie, who I might add is pretty hot too, played the lesbian in this film..
    I still remember I watched this movie (DVD) with my mom when it came out a few years ago..I was still very young at that time..I didn’t even know what “lesbian” means..When we’re in the half way of the film, she got so uncomfortable with the lesbian part..which I knew because of her sitting posture and facial expression became so awkward! But when we’re watching, I was so into the lesbian story line, I was imagining myself as the girl..It’ll be so good if I have a “special” female friend like her too (keep in mind I didn’t know lesbianism exist!)..Then, my mom suddenly stood up and turn off the DVD player..I remember I was so furious and was jumping on my feet asking her why did she do that? She said she was tired and decided to go to bed..I told her to go to bed and it’s okay I would finish the movie alone..She remained silent for a few seconds and only one word came our from her mouth, “No.” Then she went back to my parents’ bedroom with the DVD in her hand..I never see it since then..I searched high and low in the house but I never found it…
    Now, after a few years, my mind had opened up, I’m truely sadden with my mom’s reaction..*sigh*..I want to tell her, they can’t avoid us, the children from being gay by keeping us away from the topic..We are who we are..

  4. Ok-Bin Kim was killer in Thirst! She is sooo pretty and I hope she acts a lot in the future, she has a lot of potential.

  5. thank you for the lovely list! love some of the women here and liked reading about the ones i didn’t know.
    i wish there was a button here where i can follow you from my blog on tumblr. or maybe there is and i just dont know what im looking for? sorry, newbie blogger.

    anyway, make more lists! and thanks for this one!

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